Author Stage FAQ

Who is eligible to participate in the Author Stage?

Local authors who published books, short fiction, essays, or poetry in 2020 or 2021 are invited to register for the program and submit their work for consideration.  Please note, authors of eBooks only will not be accepted.  


What genres are you looking for?

The 2-day Author Stage event will be broken into genre-specific time blocks to help Festival attendees plan their visit.  Works of fiction, nonfiction, memoir/essay, YA, children's literature and poetry are welcome.  Genre-fiction such as science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror are welcome.  We will make our best effort to group like-works together.  Morning tme slots are held for children's lit, and Sunday afternoon will feature poetry.  Other time slots will be based on the overall applicant pool and variety of works submitted.  We are excited to see what you have to share with us!


Who is reponsible for supplying the books?

Self-published authors, or authors working with presses with which River Bend does not presently have a relationship are responsible for providing your own books (20) prior to the Festival.  Traditionally published works from our current vendors will be ordered by the Bookshop and brought to the Festival.  No direct payments will be made to authors for sales of books River Bend orders from publishers.


When can books be dropped off at the Bookshop?

Due to our extremely limited space in the shop, books will only be accepted September 7-10.  A bookseller will confirm quantity and condition prior to accepting the books.  Any unsold books may be picked up at the Festival on Sunday, September 12 from 4-6pm, or at the Bookshop during normal business hours September 13-18.  


Am I allowed to sell my own books at the Festival?

No.  Authors are not permitted to make their own sales at the Festival, it is against River Bend policy and Festival Rules.  River Bend is providing this platform as a service to the writing community, and all sales must be conducted through the Bookshop.  For self-published authors, we will charge a flat $1/book service charge and will remit the remainder of proceeds to the author following the event.  The structure of this event is intended to provide maximum value to the author.


What does an author receive for the $20 registration fee?

  • Exposure to Art Festival attendees - typically 15,000 visitors each year.

  • A scheduled time slot - 10 minutes of a 30-minute panel, to include an introduction by a River Bend bookseller, remarks, and a brief reading.

  • Book signing line and photo opportunities, managed by River Bend

  • Book sales for the full 2-day Festival via River Bend Bookshop (please note, for self-published authors we require a flat rate of $1.00/book sold to cover processing fees)

  • Inclusion in the event digital flyer, distributed to our 3000+ newsletter subscribers

  • Inclusion in the hardcopy event flyer distributed at the Festival


Why are you charging $1/book for self-published authors?  

We pay credit card processing fees for each transaction, and are responsible for any charge backs from transactions which fail to process.  This is the minimum amount necessary to cover our fees.  Staffing for the event, stage rental, signage, fliers, marketing, and other expenses are being absorbed by the Bookshop as part of our mission to serve our community and connect readers with writers in unique and engaging ways.


Will River Bend stock my self-published book following the event?

No, all books must be picked up by September 13.  River Bend Bookshop's local author program can be found here.  If your work is currently available for distribution through Ingram, we likely already offer your book for sale on our website, and encourage you to share the link with your family, friends, and followers.  Books which sell steadily at standard terms can earn shelfspace.  If you would like us to carry the book in the shop, please review the details of our cooperative marketing program and contact us about participating on a consignment basis.  Please note, this is not our preferred way to work, and we accept only a few consignment requests per year.


What COVID protocols will be in place?

The event takes place outdoors, and panelists will be distanced from one another on stage.  The signing table will include a plexiglass barrier.  River Bend employees managing the line will be masked.  We will take current conditions into account, and if you have requests for accomodations, please let us know prior to the event.