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Book Fairs

Why choose a local vendor for your school book fair?  On average, local retailers recirculate more than 30 percent of their revenues locally, while chains and online retailers recirculate just 13.2 percent and 3.9 percent, respectively.  That means more money stays in town to support your local schools, which is exactly why you are holding that book fair in the first place!  

Schools are eligible to earn back a percentage of sales based on volume.  Our program is competitive with the national book fair corporations, and we offer a wider selection of books and less junk.  

Submit a Book Fair Inquiry and a bookseller will get back to you with details.  WE ARE NOW SCHEDULING FOR FEBRUARY - MAY 2024.  Limited spaces available - book now!


Why Choose River Bend?

Flexible Scope: From a table or two, to a trailer full of rolling book carts, we can do it all!  Virtual book fairs, in-school, or in-store, you have options.  Sign up early to reserve a date with the Book Truck!

Better Variety: We order from dozens of publishers, ensuring you a fresh selection of titles every season.  Our fairs feature Connecticut authors, and we love bringing signed books from the many authors and illustrators who visit the shops.

Individual Curation: Our book fair selections are adjusted for each school - need more books on STEM and Space, or titles in Spanish, or Jewish-interest?  We bring the books you want.

No Junk: In addition to great books, we bring high-quality games, puzzles, activity kits, writing instruments, bookmarks and more.  We will never bring you poop-emoji erasers, or any products that distract from the purpose of your book fair - getting kids excited about reading!

Ease of Use: Our intuitive Square check out is easy for any volunteer to use.  We bring the iPads, receipt printers, scanners, signage, and everything else you need to run a great book fair.

Local service: River Bend is right around the corner.  If you run low on stock we can pull from the shelves at our two stores and get you the books you need right away.  If a hot new title drops during your book fair, we'll bring it!!  If you need help, our booksellers are here for you.