Authors in Schools

Work with River Bend Bookshop for your School Visits!

Reach us at or 860.430.6608.

As always, our touring Authors do not require an appearance fee. These events are free, and open to schools across Connecticut.  We ask all schools to distribute order forms, and those who are able to consider a purchase for classroom libraries.  Supporting authors and publishers with book sales is our way of compensating them for their time and efforts on tour.


We are also happy to coordinate school visits and book orders with some of our favorite local authors.  These presenters are sure to entertain, educate, and inspire!!  Please note, some authors do have appearance fees and/or minimum orders.  Contact us to learn more, or reach out to Authors directly to book a visit.


Name Format Genre Author Website
Albee, Sarah Middle Grade Non-Fiction - History/Science
Alexander, Elaine M. Picture Books Narrative Non-Fiction
Armend√°riz, Luisana Duarte Middle Grade Fiction - Mystery
Barry, Michelle Middle Grade Science Fiction
Bingham, Winsome Picture Books Realistic Fiction
Bulion, Leslie Poetry Science Poetry
Clark, P Djeli Middle Grade Historical Fantasy
Deenihan, Jamie Picture Books Fiction and Humor
DeKeyser, Stacy Middle Grade Historical Fiction
Ferruolo, Jeanne Zulick Middle Grade Realistic Fiction
Firestone, Carrie Middle Grade Realistic Fiction
Freedman, Deborah Picture Books Fiction and Narrative Non-Fiction
Funk, Josh Picture Books Fiction and Humor
Gordon, Charnaie Picture Books Fiction and Narrative Non-Fiction
Hood, Susan Middle Grade Historical Fiction
Katz, Alan Picture Books Fiction and Humor
Lawler, Janet Picture Books Fiction and Narrative Non-Fiction
Lawrence, Lorien Middle Grade Fiction - Mystery/Thriller
Marks, Janae Middle Grade Realistic Fiction
Peters, Shawn Middle Grade Light Fantasy - Superheroes
Phillipps, JC Middle Grade Graphic Novels - Light Fantasy
Rau, Dana Meachen Early Readers, Picture Books Who IQ Series, Non-Fiction
Sell, Chad Middle Grade Graphic Novels - Light Fantasy
Snider, Brandon Middle Grade Highly Illustrated Novels
Tandon, Nancy Middle Grade Realistic Fiction
Vrabel, Beth Middle Grade Realistic Fiction
Wishingrad, Alysa Middle Grade Fiction - Mystery/Fantasy