Pre-Order Being Ace: An Anthology with River Bend Bookshop

River Bend Bookshop is thrilled to be a part of the pre-order campaign for Being Ace: An Anthology of Queer, Trans, Femme, and Disabled Stories of Asexual Love and Connection. If you pre-order with us, you'll get the Being Ace art print, vinyl sticker, pin, and a bookplate signed by all 14 authors and the editor! 

As a River Bend exclusive, your copy of Being Ace will also come with an art print inspired by the story, "The Witch of Festa Falls," written by local author S. J. Taylor. (We Are the Fire)

Scroll down to place your pre-order for Being Ace: An Anthology!

**Please note that any personalized copies will be personalized ONLY by S. J. Taylor.