VIRTUAL AUTHOR PANEL: Being Ace, featuring local author S.J. Taylor, with Madeline Dyer, K. Hart, and Anju Imura

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Join us for a virtual author panel to celebrate the release of Being Ace: An Anthology of Queer, Trans, Femme, and Disabled Stories of Asexual Love and Connection. The panel will feature authors K. Hart, Anju Imura, and (River Bend’s own) S.J. Taylor, moderated by author and editor, Madeline Dyer.

Whether adventuring through space, outsmarting a vengeful water spirit, or surviving haunted cemeteries, no two aces are the same in these 14 unique works that highlight asexual romance, aromantic love, and identities across the asexual spectrum.

Don't forget about the Being Ace pre-order campaign, featuring an exclusive print from S.J. Taylor's story, "The Witch of Festa Falls."




Nylon Bed Socks by Madeline Dyer – Amelia is desperate to escape—both the psychiatric hospital she's found herself in and life itself. It's too confusing, listening to the other girls who now live inside her body. Too scary being forced to eat. Too painful remembering how she was sexually assaulted for being ace. But then she meets Dale, a boy who's accepted his own asexuality, and she wonders if she can reach that place too. But as Amelia tries to recover, the voices in her head are determined to hold her back...

No Such Thing as Just by K. Hart – Halcion is keeping their asexuality a secret from their controlling boyfriend. When a threatening letter arrives at their door, it might be time to remember that there are many types of love in the world.

Moonspirited by Anju Imura – All her life, Sena has known two things: The safety of Maiko's hand in hers, and the wanton selfishness of gods, the spirits who brought humanity to the stars. When Maiko is taken by the Moon Empress, Sena must finally face the gods—and her own resentment towards them—if she ever wants to see her sister again.

The Witch of Festa Falls by S.J. Taylor – A historical fantasy steeped in Norwegian folklore. Birga's beloved cousin came to the woods for peace and healing. Instead, she was drowned by a frightening monster. When the monster appears in the woods again outside the village, luring away more girls with treacherously beautiful violin song, Birga sets out alone to face him... and avenge her cousin's death.


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2217 Main St.
Glastonbury, CT 06033