Ancient Egypt: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) (Paperback)

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The ancient Egyptians are an enduring source of fascination -- mummies and pyramids, curses and rituals have captured the imagination of generations. We all have a mental picture of ancient Egypt, but is it the right one? How much do we really know about this great civilization?

This second edition of Ancient Egypt: A Very Short Introduction explores the history and culture of pharaonic Egypt, inlcuding ideas about Egyptian kingship, ancient Egyptian writing systems, and the history of Egyptology. Ian Shaw introduces the reader to issues relating to ethnicity, race, gender, and sexual relations; the latest ideas about death, funerary rites and mummification; and thoughts on religion and ethics in ancient Egypt. He also looks at the phenomenon of Egyptomania, whereby certain books and films have sensationalised aspects of Egyptian culture. Finally, Shaw takes the story to the present day by illustrating the impact of the Arab Spring on approaches to Egyptian museums and cultural heritage.

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About the Author

IIan Shaw is a Research Fellow in Egyptian Archaeology at the University of Liverpool, as well as Visiting Professor in Egyptology at the Northeast Normal University, Changchun. He has excavated and surveyed at the cities of Amarna, Gurob, and Memphis, the Valley of the Kings, and the ancient quarrying and mining sites of Hatnub, Wadi el-Hudi, Gebel el-Asr, and Wadi Hammamat. His publications include The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt (2000), Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology (2000), The British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt (2008), Ancient Egyptian Technology and Innovation (2012) and (with Elizabeth Bloxam) The Oxford Handbook of Egyptology(2020).

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