Laurel's Choice (Paperback)

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Laurel Rowan is excited and scared at the same time when she is offered a position of working student at a prestigious Three Day Event stable in Cornwall England, training under Olympic rider Suzy Wish. It will be a great learning opportunity, a chance to see her friends in Cornwall, and spend time with her long-distance boyfriend Coll.

Chance Cullen her long time friend in Canada is not so enthusiastic about the idea. Laurel loves working with the event horses and soaking in the experience. An accident sends her on a totally different journey than the one she expected. Adding to the drama is the fact Laurel realizes it is time to make a choice between staying in Cornwall with Coll or returning to the ranch in Alberta with Chance. Pulled in both directions it will take a major revelation to help her make the choice.

The story that began with Laurel's Quest comes to a close in Laurel's Choice.

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ISBN: 9780228628668
ISBN-10: 0228628660
Publisher: BWL Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: November 15th, 2023
Pages: 180
Language: English