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Quickhand(TM) Now you can teach yourself to write high-speedshorthand using just the letters of the alphabet Quickhand is anew, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, practical shorthand for business, school, or personal use. In just a few hours, you'll learn to writewords as they sound. (No more months of study.) Quickhand is theonly alphabetic shorthand based on scientific research into howEnglish is actually used. So you need to learn brief forms of only35 of the most used words--these make up 40 percent of all words innormal office usage (No more memorizing hundreds of specialsymbols and abbreviations for seldom-used words, as in somesystems.) With some abbreviations for the most common word endingsand beginnings and special sounds, you'll know Quickhand. Andyou'll be able to write Quickhand quickly and easily--on the job, in school, in meetings, anywhere Quickhand is one of the WileySelf-Teaching Guides. It's been tested, rewritten, and retesteduntil we're sure you can teach yourself shorthand on your own. Andit's programmed--so you work at your own pace. No prerequisites areneeded. Objectives and self-tests tell you how you're doing andallow you to skip ahead or find extra help if you need it. Frequentreviews, practice exercises, and a comprehensive exam reinforcewhat you learn. Wiley Self-Teaching Guides More than 150 WileySelf-Teaching Guides teach practical skills from accounting toastronomy, management to microcomputers. Study Skills: A Student'sGuide for Survival, Carman Reading Skills, Adams Speedreading, FinkVocabulary for Adults, Romine Spelling for Adults, RyanPunctuation, Markgraf Clear Writing, Gilbert Communicating byLetter, Gilbert Communications for Problem Solving, Curtis QuickArithmetic, Carman Math Shortcuts, Locke Practical Algebra, SelbyFinite Mathematics, Rothenberg Using Graphs & Tables, SelbyBusiness Math, Locke Geometry & Trigonometry for Calculus, Selby Quick Calculus, Kleppner Your Library: What's In It For You?Lolley Literature: As You Read It, Hess Art: As You See It, BellWhat Makes Music Work? Seyer Quick Typing, Grossman Quickhand, Grossman Managing Your Own Money, Zimmerman Look for these andother STGs at your favorite bookstore. A Self-Teaching Guide Lookfor these and other Wiley Self-Teaching Guides at your localbookstore.

About the Author

Jeremy Grossman is the author of Quickhand, published by Wiley.

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ISBN: 9780471328872
ISBN-10: 0471328871
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: January 16th, 1991
Pages: 152
Language: English
Series: Wiley Self-Teaching Guides