Shakespeare's Insults: Educating Your Wit (Paperback)

Shakespeare's Insults: Educating Your Wit By Wayne F. Hill, Cynthia J. Ottchen Cover Image
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The sharpest stings ever to snap from the tip of an English-speaking tongue are here at hand, ready to be directed at the knaves, villains, and coxcombs of the reader's choice. Culled from 38 plays, here are the best 5,000 examples of Shakespeare's glorious invective, arranged by play, in order of appearance, with helpful act and line numbers for easy reference, along with an index of topical scorn appropriate to particular characters and occasions.

About the Author

WAYNE F. HILL and CYNTHIA J. ÖTTCHEN are American students who live and study in Cambridge, England. This is their first book.

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ISBN: 9780517885390
ISBN-10: 0517885395
Publisher: Crown
Publication Date: October 3rd, 1995
Pages: 336
Language: English