My Strong Mind II: The Power of Positive Thinking (Paperback)

My Strong Mind II: The Power of Positive Thinking By Niels Van Hove Cover Image
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Do you want to teach your children about Confidence, Resilience and Positive Mindset?

With this second book in the My Strong Mind series, your children will be introduced to more techniques to develop their own strong mind.

The story is about Jack, a kind and happy boy who uses his strong mind to tackle his daily challenges with a positive attitude. Jack faces several situations your children will face too. Amongst them are dealing with peer pressure, negative self-thoughts, showing emotions, controlling his anger, exercising grit and accepting his fears. Jack applies a positive attitude and uses clever techniques to deal with his challenges.

These tips to build a strong mind in children are presented in an easy to read, fun and practical way. It's a great book for children, especially those at primary school, to read under their own steam. Jack's story will open the door for your children to commence building their own strong mind. This awareness and knowledge will enable your children to participate in an open dialogue about the importance of mental toughness and how to develop it.

This book aspires to educate children and parents about mental toughness and open a positive dialogue on the subject. Jack solves his every day problems with a positive attitude and hopefully will help 5-8 year old children do the same.

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ISBN: 9780648564102
ISBN-10: 064856410X
Publisher: Truebridges Media
Publication Date: September 6th, 2019
Pages: 36
Language: English