Entrenamiento de fuerza (Science of Strength Training): Mejora tu técnica, evita lesiones, perfecciona tu entrenamiento (Book)

Entrenamiento de fuerza (Science of Strength Training): Mejora tu técnica, evita lesiones, perfecciona tu entrenamiento By Austin Current Cover Image
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Aplica la ciencia deportiva a tu entrenamiento y logra el máximo rendimiento sin lesionarte. 

Tanto si buscas aumentar músculo, tonificar o perder grasa, como si te ejercitas para estar sano o aumentar tu resistencia física, el entrenamiento de fuerza te ayudará a alcanzar tus objetivos. 
Aprende a ejercitarte correctamente, evita errores comunes y transforma tu rutina para siempre

- Con ilustraciones anatómicas claras que explican la mecánica muscular y la fisiología del ejercicio.
- Programas de entrenamiento y musculación por niveles y objetivos. 
- Más de 100 ejercicios para trabajar grupos musculares concretos en casa o en el gimnasio.
- Valiosa información nutricional y consejos dietéticos para mejorar la salud, el rendimiento y acelerar la recuperación.
Descubre cómo tu cuerpo administra la energía, cómo limitar las temidas agujetas, qué comer y cuándo, o cómo mejorar la movilidad tras sufrir una lesión. Sea cual sea tu nivel, en estas páginas encontrarás información y herramientas para aprender, entender y realizar ejercicios de fuerza y resistencia con confianza.

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Is it time to lose weight, gain muscle, and speed up your metabolism? Discover the hard science needed to perfect each exercise and build your strongest body – at home or in the gym.

Packed with research that supports the notion that bodyweight exercises help you reach your weight and fitness goals, this simple to follow guide also gives you valuable insight into how nutrition and exercise can improve your health.

Inside the pages of this strength training book, you’ll discover:

- The physiology and benefits of strength training
- Workout plans for beginners, enthusiasts, and personal trainers.
- The hard dietary science that debunks common myths and important information to properly fuel your body
- Depictions of 33 exercises: how to do them, common mistakes, and the benefits of each
Work towards your strength goals.

In this book, Author Austin Current takes readers through the science of strength training, weight loss, nutrition, and overall health. The book looks at why many people fear strength training, why they shouldn’t, and how they can incorporate it into their daily lives. Filled with CGI artwork and science-backed information, this exercise book will help you transform your body and improve your well-being. 

Not only that, but this title also includes full workout plans and over 100 individual exercises. You’ll learn how your muscles engage at each stage, how to do movements properly and without injury, and it shows you different variations for home and gym. This book is also packed with nutritional information and includes dietary advice for vegans and vegetarians.

About the Author

Austin Current, BSc., CSCS, CISSN, is a fitness coach and educator. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and is a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength Coach Specialist (NSCA-CSCS) alongside a Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN-CISSN).

He is the co-owner of Physique Development Consulting, LLC (www.physiquedevelopment.com), and coaches clients in-person and online from all over the world. Austin has helped run seminars around North America and Europe since early 2018 educating personal trainers and passionate gym-goers in anatomy, exercise execution, biomechanics, nutrition, and program design.

Outside of coaching and educating, he has had a successful competitive career as a natural physique bodybuilder, earning his professional status in the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) at age 20 as the second-youngest male in the organization's history in 2014. In his work with clients and personal trainers around the globe, he has been recognized for his ability to break down complex topics into digestible information, and for merging results with the learning experience in a way that educates and empowers. Austin has also been featured in other major fitness publications such as Men's Health, Bodybuilding.com, T-Nation, BarBend, and more.

To learn more about Austin, head to www.CoachAustinCurrent.com, or find @austincurrent_ on Instagram.

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