Queer Mythology: Epic Legends from Around the World (Hardcover)

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Queer Mythology: Epic Legends from Around the World By Guido A. Sanchez, James Fenner (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Guido A. Sanchez, James Fenner (Illustrator)
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Spanning the globe and thousands of years, Queer Mythology highlights the legends and tales of LGBTQIA+ gods, heroes, spirits and more.

Myths and legends tell our stories. They connect us and show us not only who we are, but also reflect the people during the time the stories were first told. And LGBTQIA+ people have been a part of every community since the dawn of storytelling. From Tu’er Shen, the Chinese rabbit god who protected those yearning to come out in an unaccepting world, to Ghede Nibo, the Haitian spirit who performed drag in the realm of the dead, the twenty myths told in this collection capture one irrefutable fact—even as labels, language, and definitions have changed, LGBTQIA+ people have always existed.

Some of these myths are not widely known. Others are myths that you may think you know, but over time their inherent queerness has been erased. Queer Mythology offers fresh retellings, paired with beautiful illustrations, to give new life and celebrate the inspirational and resilient LGBTQIA+ community in some of humanity’s earliest tales.

About the Author

Guido A. Sanchez is a writer, middle school teacher and leader, comics aficionado, and podcaster based in New York. Guido revels in nurturing young people along their journeys as they begin to tell the myths of their own lives. Once the school day wraps up, he also steps into the role of cohost and creator of Dear Watchers: The Omniversal Comic Book Podcast. With his vast collection of over 30,000 comics, he navigates the intricacies, inspirations, and impacts of world-building in fictional reality and the modern myths we all love.

Praise For…

“Fascinating and validating, these mythological heroes are highlighted with great care and exquisite art.”

Sara Farizan, award-winning author of If You Could Be Mine and Dead Flip

“Guido A. Sanchez has created a lovely collection of inclusive and affirming myths from around the world that show that queer folks have always been here, and we have always been heroes.”

Carrie Harris, author of Xavier's Institute: Liberty & Justice for All

“Dive into the rich tapestry of mythology through a queer lens with Guido A. Sanchez, as he unveils hidden stories, celebrates overlooked characters, and redefines the boundaries of traditional narratives in his groundbreaking book, Queer Mythology. Drawing upon a deep well of cultural and historical knowledge, Sanchez skillfully weaves together a collection of myths and legends from around the world, shedding light on the often-neglected tales with truth and the underlining message we queer folx need to hear: We’ve always existed.”

Damien Alan Lopez, award-winning author of I Am a Prince

“I went through such a range of emotions reading these beautiful stories. While I thoroughly enjoyed each one, I couldn't help but wonder how many more stories about our LGBTQIA+ community have been lost, either intentionally or not, and that made me a little sad and angry. But the emotion I settled on was gratitude. I'm grateful that so many of these tales have been found and retold so they can be shared once more, letting the world know not only that we're still here, but that we always have been.”

Jaye McBride, writer and comedian

“With each story in Queer Mythology, Guido A. Sanchez gives each reader a chance to see themselves reflected, proving that queer stories and people have always existed and have always been part of the narrative. An important, fun, and relatable book of tales that should be part of every kid's introduction into mythology.”

Nicole Melleby, award-winning author of Hurricane Season

Queer Mythology retells timeless fables from around the world to reveal their queer truth. Pitched just right for middle-grade readers, these epic tales are perfectly complemented by the gorgeous illustrations. I was reminded of all of our queer ancestors, both real and imaginary, and how much they want all young LGBTQIA+ people to find joy. The legends in Queer Mythology are truly compelling.”

Nora Olsen, author of Swans & Klons

“Positive and upbeat, much needed and highly readable, Queer Mythology is an invitation for readers young and old to consider our world through a more inclusive lens. Read it, share it, and enjoy!”
 —Thomas Rinaldi, design historian & author of New York Neon and Patented

“You may think you know what the tracks on this album are going to be, but Guido A. Sanchez surprises, not only with some deep cuts drawn from a wide array of world mythologies, but also with some golden oldies, now with all their original queerness intact. A great addition to the collections of mythology-lovers everywhere and an important reminder that LGBTQIA+ heroes have been with us all along—we just didn't always get to hear their stories fully told. Until now.”

Marsheila Rockwell, award-winning poet and author of the Dungeons & Dragons: The Shard Axe series

Queer Mythology is a definitive tome, as each page is brimming of wonder and inspiration. It's a testament to the power of storytelling, and what it can mean to us as queer people.”

Josh Trujillo, author of Washington's Gay General: The Legends and Loves of Baron von Steuben

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ISBN: 9780762487202
ISBN-10: 0762487208
Publisher: Running Press Kids
Publication Date: October 1st, 2024
Pages: 120
Language: English