Spirit Gifting: The Concept of Spiritual Exchange (Paperback)

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Elmer Ghostkeeper has created a powerful piece of writing in Spirit Gifting. It provides a new path through a traditional Metis worldview to holistic wellness. Spirit Gifting contrasts this traditional worldview with Western Scientific knowledge to provide a model of self-discovery and individual revitalization, something that more and more of us are seeking. It is a reflection of a life lived by nature's calendar; a refreshing change from the ninety mile an hour treadmill most of us find ourselves on. This first person narrative is teeming with life; from his description of birch tree sapping to berry picking time. You can taste the syrup in your mouth, or feel the chill of the slough as you read. His description of a time when humans worked with the land, with life, makes it abundantly clear, that in our rush to support progress with machines and ever more power, we have lost our respect for life. It was quietly left behind. Spirit Gifting suggests we look at what we've lost, honour life and nature and all the gifts they provide, and quietly bring that respect back into our lives. Join Elmer Ghostkeeper, as he explores his early years of living with the land rather than off the land. This book is for Metis, Native and Non-Native people looking for a way to revitalize their sprituality, and to learn how to connect with the Earth and its Creator. Elmer Ghostkeeper, a successful academic and businessman, grew up on a farm on the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement in Alberta, Canada. His family worked with the land using horses rather than mechanized farm vehicles. Learn how their syncretic spirituality supported their lives and livelihoods, and how it can improve your life and livelihood.

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ISBN: 9780978130930
ISBN-10: 0978130936
Publisher: Writing on Stone Press Inc.
Publication Date: February 1st, 2007
Pages: 124
Language: English