Messianic Jewish Literal Translation (MJLT): New Covenant Scriptures (New Testament / Bible) (Paperback)

Messianic Jewish Literal Translation (MJLT): New Covenant Scriptures (New Testament / Bible) By Kevin Geoffrey (Editor), Robert Young (Translator) Cover Image
By Kevin Geoffrey (Editor), Robert Young (Translator)
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The Messianic Jewish Literal Translation of the New Covenant Scriptures (MJLT NCS)--Matit'yahu (Matthew) through Revelation--is a fresh, vibrant translation of the "New Testament" unlike any other. Based on the groundbreaking Young's Literal Translation (YLT), the MJLT NCS is an exhaustive update and re-rendering of the YLT for the modern, Messianic reader. It is designed not only to provide a reliable 21st century version of the text, but also to further restore the true, Messianic Jewish perspective of Scripture that is often obscured by deeply ingrained anti-Jewish, anti-Torah preconceptions.

This distinctive Bible version contains several uncommon features that set it apart from other translations, including:

Literal translation. The MJLT is built on the word-for-word translation framework of the YLT, which faithfully preserves word order, idioms, tense, and other figures of speech in order to transport the reader back into the mindset of the ancient writer.

Hebrew embedded within the English text. The actual Hebrew lettering with transliteration for various names, places and terms is printed in line with the English text of the MJLT, accentuating the Jewishness of Scripture.

Reordering of books. The sequence of books has been rearranged, first, according to the author's original audience (either Jewish, or both Jewish and Gentile together), and second, chronologically, according to the order in which they were written.

Acts timeline synced with Paul. Special notations show the reader when Paul wrote his letters in relation to the locations and events recorded in the book of Acts.

Ideal for Jewish believers in Yeshua, the MJLT NCS also uniquely provides Gentile believers and Jewish seekers with an accurate and faithful rendering of the original biblical text that helps to reveal and make better sense of the Messianic Jewish message of the New Covenant Scriptures.

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