The Winning Playbook for Golf Courses - Shortcuts to Long-Term Financial Success (Hardcover)

The Winning Playbook for Golf Courses - Shortcuts to Long-Term Financial Success By James J. Keegan Cover Image
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A Textbook on the Business of Golf

During the next 12 months, more than 50 million golfers will decide where to play more than one billion rounds of golf at over 34,000 golf courses in 209 countries. Golfers all have one thing in common: they are seeking value-based entertainment.

What does it take to attract and retain golfers? The formula for success is value = experience - price. When the experience equals or exceeds the price, loyalty is created, and the golf course prospers.

The ultimate financial success of a golf course rests principally with the owner and management team. Owning and operating the facility is pure and simply a business, albeit a small one at that.

However, ground-breaking research, based on hard economic data, extensive field experience, and numerous client case studies, reveals that "The Winning Playbook for Golf Courses" comprises seven elements that predict and can ensure the financial success of a golf course, if executed properly:

1) The interrelationship of the MOSAIC profile, age, ethnicity, income, demand vs. supply, slope rating, and the prime-time green fee, within 10 miles of the golf course.

2) The number of playable days.

3) Continual appropriate investment in the course infrastructure, equipment and labor.

4) Efficient operational management of the customer experience, ensuring the assembly line of golf on the touchpoints matches the defined vision for the facility: platinum, gold, silver, steel, bronze or steel.

5) Understanding the golfers' habits, preferences and loyalty.

6) Financial benchmarking the facility's performance against its peers.

7) The efficient integration of technology to create actionable information.

This book sheds light on virtually every aspect of strategic, tactical and operational practices of a golf course. Key determinants expose why some golf courses are successful and others flounder.

The JJ Keegan+ WIN(TM) formula taught in this book is an easy-to-follow method that has consistently increased the financial return of golf courses while, at the same time, enhancing the customer experience.

In an industry that is looking to grow, who can afford to ignore the findings of this book and the formula for success it presents?

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ISBN: 9780986070549
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Publisher: Jj Keegan+
Publication Date: June 20th, 2020
Pages: 298
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