You Have a Dam Problem (Paperback)

You Have a Dam Problem By Gray McQuarrie, Kamal Singh (Editor) Cover Image
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Have you ever wondered what your company would be like without any selfish, entitled, righteous, perfectionist jerks in it? Are you tired of people telling you, "You will always have to work with at least one jerk. It's the same for every company " Do you wonder why someone doesn't do something about the abusive behavior of your boss, or why bad customer service is tolerated? Why poor behavior from employees is tolerated? Are you frustrated because you know your company could be so much more if people were simply better human beings? If this resonates with you then you will enjoy reading this book You can make positive change happen and fix, once and for all, the DAM problems sabotaging your business growth and success.

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ISBN: 9780986776298
ISBN-10: 0986776297
Publisher: Bound Publishing
Publication Date: February 1st, 2013
Pages: 282
Language: English