That Bad Review: How to Turn 1-Star Reviews into a 5-Star Business (Paperback)

That Bad Review: How to Turn 1-Star Reviews into a 5-Star Business Cover Image
By Adrian Easdown, Jo Hunt (Cover Design by), Kristy Bushnell (Editor)
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Customers who love you vs those who don't

While a lot of business owners bury their head in the sand and ignore reviews, especially bad ones, Adrian took a different approach. Locked in the poorly written sentences and scathing critique he saw diamonds.
Through Adrian's book, business owners will learn to look at themselves first, to find out exactly why they are avoiding negative criticisms of their business.

With Adrian leading the way, you will learn:

  • - How to respond to bad reviews
  • - How to respond to facebook reviews
  • - How to manage trip advisor reviews
  • - When to delete bad reviews - why and why not
  • - How to understand your guests' motivations to review

If you want to leverage good reviews and bad ones to maximise your ability to connect positively with any customer who has concerns or feedback - read this book today
Adrian provides tips, stories, strategies, and guides that are practical and easily adopted, to help campground businesses, or parks and recreation managers holiday management to navigate through the modern world of hospitality and tourism.
So, if you're ready to maximize your businesses reviews and lock in those 5-star ratings, then this is the book for you.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780987644015
ISBN-10: 0987644017
Publisher: Adrian Easdown Pty Ltd
Publication Date: March 14th, 2019
Pages: 184
Language: English