How To Play Water Polo: The Complete Guide To Mastering The Game (Paperback)

How To Play Water Polo: The Complete Guide To Mastering The Game By Tracy Rockwell Cover Image
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'How To Play Water Polo' was developed as a resource for both players and coaches and presents an ample variety of skills, tips and tricks to improve and master performance. The book is organised progressively with water polo competence being presented by way of a structured sequence of skills ranging from easy to more difficult and challenging, with the attainment of each individual skill being built upon in the learning of the next.

Utilised as a resource, the player-centred approach provides a valuable compendium for the development of athletes as they are always able to improve no matter where they happen to be on the learning curve. Each skill is given a rationale as to why, how and when they should be used in play. The contents includes chapters on the history of the game; fundamentals of the game; swimming skills; ball handling skills; passing and catching skills; keeping possession; defensive skills; offensive skills; shooting skills; goalkeeping skills; and water polo tips and tricks, with each of the 11 chapters culminating in a handy checklist for monitoring and recording personal progress.

Coaches will also find the content of this book to be exceptionally beneficial, especially when programming and planning training sessions, and can be confident that as a one stop practical guide the individual skills presented are approached in a progressive and sequential fashion.

With more than 100 skills, techniques and tips, presented by way of over 190 full color images and accompanied by easy to follow directions, 'How To Play Water Polo' presents everything you need to know about playing the great and popular game of water polo, and is a must have publication for water polo enthusiasts looking to improve and perfect their game.

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Publication Date: April 28th, 2018
Pages: 216
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