Self-Discipline: Greatest Human Strength - Develop Mental Toughness, Self-Confidence, and WillPower (Paperback)

Self-Discipline: Greatest Human Strength - Develop Mental Toughness, Self-Confidence, and WillPower By Elliot Harper Cover Image
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Do you have plenty of goals, yet never get around to materializing them?

Do you get disappointed and disillusioned when you see your plans topple like a pack of cards?

Some folks seem to have everything--wealth, health, success, happiness, and relationships--everything in their life is perfect, while you are barely able to scrape through life. Life doesn't seem fair, isn't it?

Well, sorry to shatter the myth. Success is not destiny. It is a decision--the decision to be more self-disciplined, focused, and purposeful

Success is not as much about luck and fortune as it is about a decision we make. Yes, anyone can decide to be successful today, irrespective of their present circumstances.

Self-discipline is your highway to success. It is the difference between, "I could have achieved this," and "Yes, I have achieved this." Successful people are able to leverage the power of self-discipline to optimize their productivity, make good use of their time, practice self-control, and be in the driver's seat where their actions are concerned. They are not driven by events, circumstances, or other people. They hold the steering wheel and map of their life and determine the course of their life in the direction that they desire.

The good news is self-discipline is not a magic wand available to a selected few. Anyone can practice greater self-discipline with consistency, perseverance, smart strategies, and effort. If you have a bad habit that is stopping you from accomplishing your goals, you can start giving it up today. If you have self-limiting or negative thoughts that are restricting you from achieving the success you are capable of accomplishing, you can discard those thoughts starting today. The key to your success in your hands alone You alone can unlock the limitless potential held inside you. You alone are in charge of your destiny. Your words, thoughts, actions, and habits define your ultimate destiny

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Publication Date: February 8th, 2020
Pages: 134
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