The Raging Lion: The Warrior Mentality in Competition Sports (Paperback)

The Raging Lion: The Warrior Mentality in Competition Sports By Clifford Beck Cover Image
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Throughout history, many cultures have developed written, as well as unwritten philosophies of what it means to be a warrior. This book has been research from both eastern and western perspectives, giving a broad, yet consistent approach to the warrior mentality. The interpretations reflected in this collection of commentary have been written for competition sports, but apply to any area of life.

Clifford Beck received his B.A. at the University at Albany in New York, where he studied primarily the areas of Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology. He has also been a sport fencer with the Portland Fencing Club in Maine, under the guidance of Nancy Reynolds since 2006. Later, he received an Applied Sciences degree from Southern Maine Community College in New Media and designs the covers for all his books.

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ISBN: 9781088214954
ISBN-10: 1088214959
Publisher: Clifford Beck
Publication Date: July 10th, 2023
Pages: 100
Language: English