The World of Work to 2030: A practical guide to future-proofing your business and your career (Hardcover)

The World of Work to 2030: A practical guide to future-proofing your business and your career By Russell Beck Cover Image
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A book that helps make sense of the megatrends playing out in the world today and, as a result, how individuals can future-proof their businesses and careers.

In the context of work, consider two headlines that we face on a regular basis. Firstly, that the financial reality is few of us can afford to retire and, secondly, that robots and AI are destroying the very jobs we need to make a living. How are these two realities compatible?

At the same time, the business landscape is full of hazards, with globalization, technology, talent shortages, changing consumer choices and politics all making it harder to create and maintain success. Competitors seemingly arrive from nowhere overnight, challenging and upending our markets.

It is all up in the air, it is all happening at once and it is happening to all of us. From any perspective – personal or corporate – shouldn't we seek to understand what is happening and prepare ourselves for what is coming next?

The World of Work to 2030 is a practical book that addresses these challenges. With a timeline to enable immediate action to be taken, and backed by extensive research, it is aimed at anyone who wants to know how to navigate the commercial and personal uncertainty of the future. The book considers the megatrends playing out in the world today and then through a series of lenses it explains how businesses and individuals can future-proof themselves. Illustrated through a broad range of case studies applied to markets around the world, this is a smart examination of the future of work and how to overcome its challenges.

About the Author

Russell Beck is passionate about the future world of work and helping leaders unlock the power of their people. He consults with leadership teams and frequently delivers keynotes, interactive workshops and development programmes. An acknowledged thought leader, he is regularly interviewed for articles including in The Financial Times.

Russell draws on a diverse background having worked as an engineering project leader in 25 countries, as European Head of Talent for Yahoo! and as Managing Director of a £120 million talent outsourcing business.

Praise For…

“Russell is able to shed new light on the future of work, in his own personal, witty and humble manner. A much-needed and highly inspiring perspective.” —David Plink, Chief Executive Officer, Top Employers Institute

“The world of 2030 may seem near or far away. Whichever it is, Russell Beck has identified that the interval between now and then will be bursting with change – and the opportunity to benefit from it. With hindsight as our guide, we tend often to approach the future “moving forward looking backwards”. That won't cut it any longer.

The World of Work to 2030 does not map the future – it does something better. It gives us an algorithm for approaching the inevitable uncertainty with confidence and competence. The secret to future-proofing lies at the margin between science and art, and Russell Beck shows us the skills and talents we'll need to prosper in a world where constancy is ever elusive.

Focused, flexible, fast, friendly and fun – by 2030 it needs to be “the way we do things round here”.” —John Mark Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Leadership

“Russell Beck aims to challenge our thinking with how we work and he certainly does that with The World of Work to 2030. The book is jam packed with insightful tips, many of which I will be applying at my company. I found the section on recruitment particularly inspiring. In a world where companies are struggling to attract and retain talent, Russell's novel approach to carrying out a simple task such as writing a job advert could be game changing in attracting 'best fit' employees. The World of Work to 2030 is a handy, easy to navigate guide. If you want to best prepare yourself, your current and future employees to confidently embrace and succeed in a rapidly changing, complex and global work environment, then this book is for you.” —Gabrielle Cummins, CEO and Programme Director, Beat 102-103, Ireland

“Russell Beck has surpassed his aim to provide a grounded, relevant and practical book on the most significant topic for the greatest number globally. His insights, personified along with empirical evidence, both informs and inspires the reader to face the future by taking action. Russell casts his own leadership shadow by lighting the way for all business professionals who need to confront the changing workplace landscape. The book is a joy to read in its style, insight and inspiration.” —Danny McCoy, CEO, Irish Business and Employers Confederation

“The author gives us hope that despite ChatGPT, and all things AI, we humans have a lot to offer the future world of work…it's compelling and thought-provoking. People will increasingly demand meaningful purpose to their work – we can leave the rest to robotics!” —Ali Williams, Chief Commercial Officer, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

“This is a book that covers so much ground – effortlessly. Everything you need to know about the world of work in 2030, and, more importantly, how you (and your business) can respond positively to the challenges and opportunities outlined.” —Mark Hallas, CEO, Crimestoppers

The World of Work to 2030 is an essential read for both business and HR leaders. It's a dive into the crystal ball depicting a future already upon us, alongside practical and pragmatic advice on how to future-proof our own careers and thrive.” —Adrian Seligman, Executive Board Member/CCO, Top Employers Institute

“Russell has a savant-like ability to spot the patterns ahead of the rest of us. His insight into the way the world is changing is both frightening and explosive, but also an essential read for anyone who wants to shape their future.” —Stewart Angus, Regional Chief Executive Officer Europe, dnata Airport Operations

“Russell's book is both a balanced and insightful glimpse into the near future and also a powerful call to action for educators to think hard about how schools are preparing young people for a dynamic and volatile future in which opportunity and uncertainty abound. Education provides the mechanism for inspiring young people with a curiosity and wonder about the world, but also the skills and self-regulation needed to thrive in uncertain times. We are no longer preparing young people to match a job description – we are enabling the development of a skillset which can be applied to jobs that do not yet exist and for ways of working that are yet to imagined in a truly global and interconnected world. Russell's book brilliantly synthesizes the complexity of the fourth industrial revolution into a framework that makes sense and which provides a roadmap for all of us.” —Ceri Jones, Headmaster, Caterham School (TES Independent Senior School of the Year 2023)

“This book offers a practical yet visionary perspective on the future of work. Tackling the subject with a touch of humour and a healthy dose of “scary” scenarios, making it an enjoyable read for anyone interested in the evolving world of work and their place in it.” —David Vincent, Managing Director, EMEA, Randstad Sourceright

“Since reading this book I have been using many examples and ideas presented as thought food for my management team and all those who will listen. I found Russell's considerations for The World of Work to 2030 both compelling and challenging, and I know that he will resonate to a wide audience. It is clear that our leaders and mangers of the near future are going to face some tough decisions and have to adapt to new horizons, this book will definitely help them prepare.” —Michael Brooksbank, Managing Director Europe, Chauvet

“Russell writes from deep insights into the practicalities of work and the realities of careers and businesses. This is not a book of lofty theories, but a map to guide us through a world of work that is arriving faster than many are prepared for. The reflective questions at the end of each section make this essential reading and an ongoing reference.” —Aileen Dempsey, Advisory Council Member, Design Management and Leadership Consultant

The World of Work to 2030 – wow, what a thought-provoking and inspiring read. Written in a way that pragmatically sets out the current world as it is now and then opens your mind, heart and soul to the future. Not just for business people of all specialisms, but for anyone invested in themselves and their future. Each chapter provides practical insight and deep-thinking questions that challenge, inspire and unlock potential. It underpins how much fast-paced change is and will continue to be the norm and that the future, despite technological advances, is truly human. Read this book, it will open your mind to the possibilities available and the potential impact you can make, now and into the future.” —Michelle Reid, Director of performance culture and delivery, Institute of Occupational Medicine

“As an educationalist, employer and a parent, interested in the future of our workforce and our world, this book is gripping. It's thought provoking, challenging yet easy to read for busy people. To be honest, this blew my mind! Highly recommended!” —Laurence Frewin, Principal and CEO, South Devon College

“The world is changing and evolving faster digitally now more than at any point in human history and this is having a major impact on how people now work. This book is packed with mind-blowing facts and challenges one's thinking and assumptions on how the working world will look in only a few years from now. This book has questioned my thought process on ways of working for my team and what my workforce will look and feel like in 2030. From the Boardroom down, for anyone managing people, dealing with people, in any way, this is a must-read book.” —Alan Haynes, Chief Executive Officer, All Aboard Shops Ltd

“As an educationalist, this is a fascinating and thought-provoking read. Russell Beck not only outlines the challenges in this rapidly changing world, but also shapes a series of well-crafted questions for us to reflect on. A school's curriculum is the vehicle to develop the skills that Russell highlights as necessary for the future and, as such, it is an essential read for those in education.” —Cheryl Weyman, Chief Executive Officer, Academies for Character and Excellence (ACE)

“Russell Beck's insightful, practical guide to the future of work is genuinely ground-breaking – a must-read for current and potential leaders. Whereas we used to live in a world of relative stability punctuated by exceptional events (9/11, the global financial crisis) today we live in predominantly uncertain times, with stability now the exception rather than the norm. In these unfamiliar times – with new opportunities emerging alongside challenge and change – the ability to proactively navigate and shape the future is essential. Russell Beck's well-researched, engaging and practical “Future of Work” shows how.” —Jeremy Kourdi, Founder of Expert Leader, Former Senior Vice President, The Economist

“The future is uncertain and crystal balls are in short supply. While no one can provide all the answers, The World of Work to 2030 takes a step in the right direction. Russell Beck offers insights into how quickly our world is changing with solid examples of how these changes are impacting various industry. The author outlines the considerations we'll all have to make in our businesses, along with highlighting the seismic shifts globally that will affect us all. The book served to inform, educate, enhance this reader's knowledge and remind him to keep focusing forward.” —Mark Cunning, Chief Executive Officer, iRadio Ireland

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Business
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2024
Pages: 240
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