Ingeniería asombrosa: Rascacielos notables: Área (Mathematics in the Real World) (Paperback)

Ingeniería asombrosa: Rascacielos notables: Área (Mathematics in the Real World) By Stacy Monsman, Christina Hill Cover Image
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Have you ever seen a skyscraper that is shaped like an elephant? How about one that looks like waves? Students will learn how to measure area while engaged in reading about the world's coolest skyscrapers! This Spanish book uses real-world examples to teach math concepts, and incorporates nonfiction reading to increase vocabulary and comprehension skills. The practice problems, graphs, and sidebars provide many opportunities for students to practice their developing math skills, and apply what they've learned to their daily lives. Essential text features like a glossary, index, and table of contents will increase students' interest level and their interaction with the text. "Math Talk" poses problems for further thinking, requiring students to use their higher-order thinking skills. Teaching math and reading has never been so seamlessly integrated-or so easy!

Product Details
ISBN: 9781425828943
ISBN-10: 1425828949
Publisher: Teacher Created Materials
Publication Date: January 5th, 2018
Pages: 32
Language: Spanish
Series: Mathematics in the Real World