An Unofficial Joke Book for Fans of Roblox: 800 Hilariously Blockheaded Jokes to Level Up Your Laughter (Paperback)

An Unofficial Joke Book for Fans of Roblox: 800 Hilariously Blockheaded Jokes to Level Up Your Laughter By Brian Boone, Amanda Brack (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Brian Boone, Amanda Brack (Illustrator)
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Laugh your Roblox off with eight hundred all-new side-splitters!

Level up your comedy cred as you level up your gaming! An Unofficial Joke Book for Fans of Roblox is the brand-new, illustrated chuckle-fest for any true fan of Roblox. Adopt these hilarious puns and one-liners as your own, find your Laughtopia of knock-knocks and hysterical one-liners, and start OOFing of happiness whenever you rattle off these clever jokes about the Roblox worlds and characters. Giggle your way to Jokehaven with the silliest and wildest jokes you can spout off to all your favorite blockheads!
Inside you will find jokes such as:
What’s the highest point in Roblox?
Up on the r-OOF.
Where’s a good place to invest Robux?
In the block market.
You’re a really great Roblox player.
But don’t get a big head about it or anything.
What happened when the Roblox builder didn’t use enough supports?
She was on the brick of disaster!
What insult do Roblox players take as a compliment?
For kids ages eight and up, this is the perfect book to have by your side at home, at school, or while gaming! You’ll enjoy telling these silly jokes to your friends and family. Have even more fun with the silly illustrations throughout!

About the Author

Brian Boone wrote the music trivia (with jokes) book I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll (Except When I Hate It). He is a regular contributor to Funny or Die, Popdose, Splitsider, and The Retroist, and his work has appeared on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Adult Swim, The Impersonals, and the Huffington Post.

Amanda Brack is also the illustrator of the Creeper Diaries series and the Jokes for Minecrafters series from Sky Pony Press. She has a passion for drawing and illustration, and enjoys the creativity of working on a wide variety of projects in her freelance career. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

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ISBN: 9781510775305
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Publisher: Sky Pony
Publication Date: November 8th, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English