Early Readers for Minecrafters—The Phoenix Chronicles Box Set: Unofficial Graphic Novels for Minecrafters (Paperback)

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Early Readers for Minecrafters—The Phoenix Chronicles Box Set: Unofficial Graphic Novels for Minecrafters By Megan Miller, Cara J. Stevens Cover Image
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Fun First Reads for Fans of Minecraft! A Perfect Gift for Motivating Reluctant Readers!


Join the young hero Phoenix as she navigates the world of Minecraft. This compilation of bestselling graphic novels for Minecrafters includes the following titles:

The Quest for the Golden Apple (Book #1)

Phoenix longs to see the world outside of her village. One day, she risks a trip over the town’s wall to see the dark forest. Her quick adventure releases a monster that turns her brother into a zombie! It’s up to Phoenix to save him by leaving her village and finding the enchanted golden apple.

This graphic novel for kids is followed by other Minecraft graphic novels, including Revenge of the Zombie Monks, Saving Xenos, Chasing Herobrine, The Ender Eye Prophecy, and Battle for the Dragon’s Temple. They are easy graphic novels and are sure to be enjoyed by all who love Minecraft and stories filled with adventure, courage, and action. 

Quest for the Golden Apple is especially ideal for those who aren’t inclined to read but love Minecraft. This graphic novel is a quick and engaging read for ages 9-12 with more than 750 pictures.

Revenge of the Zombie Monks (Book #2)

Phoenix, Wolfie, and their friends are back in this exciting second part of the Unofficial Graphic Novel for Minecrafters series! Past the walls of their monastery, the monks of Xenos grow enchanted golden apples for their neighbor villagers. As readers learn in Quest for the Golden Apple, these golden apples have magical healing abilities and have the power to keep the villagers safe. The monks also have and protect the knowledge that connects Xenos to her sister worlds. This knowledge keeps Xenos and her citizens safe. But when the monks are zombified, Xenos’s citizens need a new hero. 

Follow Phoenix and her friends as they fight to save the citizens and monks of Xenos. But Phoenix and her crew of heroes have no idea and do not suspect the culprit behind this disaster—an incredibly powerful foe who will do anything to keep Phoenix from saving her world.

The Ender Eye Prophecy (Book #3)

Peace has finally been restored in Xenos, but Phoenix longs to return home to her family of miners. Sheltered by the monks who guard the border world, she spends her days searching for clues about her real identity.

Just when Phoenix is losing hope that she’ll ever discover the truth, two miner ambassadors arrive at the monastery, looking for a girl from their ancient legends who is said to wear an enchanted Ender eye necklace and is destined to save their village. Could that girl be Phoenix?

Determined to follow every clue that could set her free, Phoenix decides to join them on their quest to restore peace to their land. But along the way, zombie pirates attack, capturing Phoenix and taking her to the Nether. Now it’s up to Xander to convince the villagers and miners to put aside their differences and come to Phoenix’s rescue. The fate of their world depends on it.

Battle for the Dragon's Temple (Book #4)

With the help of her friends, Phoenix has finally solved the mystery of where she came from! But unraveling the truth about her past only leads to more questions, like why her parents gave their lives to defeat the powerful Ender Dragon.

Determined to finish what her parents started, and unaware that an old enemy haunts her tracks, Phoenix sets out on her latest adventure. Clue after clue leads Phoenix, Xander, and T.H. closer to the darkness of the End. What awaits them there is their greatest battle yet—and perhaps the key to Phoenix’s true destiny.

Chasing Herobrine (Book #5)

The redstone dust has barely settled after Phoenix’s epic battle against the Defender when word of a new threat arises: the legendary ghost of Herobrine has been sighted in Phoenix’s village, and under cover of darkness, he’s terrorizing a new family each night.

Phoenix and T.H. rush to the village, where they discover a tangled string of clues. Just as the friends-turned-sleuths are sure they’ve unraveled the mystery of Herobrine’s griefing, they uncover a secret that makes them question everything they’ve learned.

And when a new, stronger enemy appears, their hunt for Herobrine is turned on its end once again. Can a ghost be in danger? And could Herobrine cease to be their enemy and instead become . . . their ally?

Saving Xenos (Book #6)

While kids from all over Xenos are competing in the all new multiplayer Olympic Games, a serious issue brings the fun to a screeching halt. The monks, who watch over the seed worlds beyond Xenos, bring news of a wave of glitches and corruption that will soon cause widespread disaster. The Defender is causing trouble from afar.

But Phoenix is determined to protect the world as she knows it. With her magic necklace to guide her, Phoenix leads her friends on a dangerous adventure to repair the damage. It's not an easy journey­–they must survive deadly battles, traps, and plenty of obstacles on the way. Phoenix is prepared to risk everything for the future of Xenos . . . but is it enough to save the day?

Fans of Minecraft won't want to miss this exciting conclusion to the series that began with Quest for the Golden Apple!

About the Author

Megan Miller was born in Talara, Peru, and from there grew up in Miami, Barcelona, and the suburbs of London, England. She's also lived in Houston, Austin, NYC, the Hudson Valley, Kentucky, and finally New Mexico. She plays Minecraft daily, and has also spent many hours in the past with arcade game Centipede, the first Castle Wolfenstein shooters, the first color Mac space shooter Crystal Quest, The Sims, Sim City (1-3), City Skylines, Civilization, and more. You can contact her through her website, meganfmiller.com - (see you there!)

Cara J. Stevens has a deep and abiding love for video games, science fiction and writing. She began her career designing interactive games and stories based on books and is happy to come full circle, creating stories based on video games. She has written nine other books for kids, including the novel Dragon School. When she’s not writing or hanging out at the beach, she can be found playing pinball, WiiU, and classic Atari games. Cara lives in Old Greenwich, Connecticut with her husband, two children, and a loud, fluffy dog named Oliver.

Praise For…

"The highly pixilated art reflects the distinctive animation-style of the game and looks almost like screen grabs, which will only endear it more to young readers who love to play Minecraft. The book reads like the first volume of a continuing adventure and will leave kids wanting more."—Booklist

"One of the few books that has kept my 10 year olds attention. My ten year old is not a big fan of reading. That being said, he has not put these Minecraft books down. At first I was afraid he was only using them as picture books, but he has been telling us the full story so I know he is reading them. I would recommend to anyone who has a kid that enjoys Minecraft." —Amanda Cochran, Amazon customer (5 Stars)

"Oh my gosh, my nine yr old son LOVES these books! Read #3 in one day (they are comic book style, so not like a chapter book) but for him it's a big deal!! This is my second book to buy and I will probably end up buying the whole set!" —Whit, Amazon customer (5 Stars)

"My daughter picked this book out early in first grade. It is still her favorite book towards the end of 2nd grade. The book has been through a lot. She takes it everywhere. I keep pushing other books on her, but she always goes back to this one. She has read it through several times. Just now seeing there is a whole series! Book #2 will be coming her way!" —Penny Lynn, Amazon customer (5 Stars)

"Got this for my 8 year old who loves Minecraft, and she finished it in an hour! She has read it a few more times since then & always mentions how much she enjoys reading it. Great purchase." —Katie, Amazon customer (5 Stars)

"My son loves his new book. It's the perfect size for a young reader." —Amanda Blumenthal, Amazon customer (5 Stars)

"Super cool graphic novel! My son loved it and read the whole book the day it arrived!" —Amazon customer (5 Stars)

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Publication Date: June 18th, 2024
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