Dying to Save You: And Rebuild Our American Healthcare System (Hardcover)

Dying to Save You: And Rebuild Our American Healthcare System By William Queale Cover Image
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Americans are suffering from chronic disease, and our healthcare system can't save us. Sometimes it makes us worse. In fact, we don't have a healthcare system in this country-we have a four-trillion-dollar sickcare system that profits off people struggling with chronic disease.

Primary care doctors are responsible for keeping us healthy, but our primary care system is broken. Worse, the policies and science that led to great medical advances in the past are insufficient to help in the future. Nothing seems to be working. But a paradigm shift is underway that is about to change everything.

In Dying to Save You, Dr. William Queale takes you behind the scenes of our sickcare system. He uses deeply personal stories to explain how we got here and how systems thinking can get us out. But Dying to Save You isn't just about medicine, science, and healthcare policy. This book is about you-and how you can stay out of the sickcare system altogether.

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ISBN: 9781544541556
ISBN-10: 1544541554
Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing
Publication Date: August 15th, 2023
Pages: 280
Language: English