In Your Face: The Culture of Beauty and You (Paperback)

In Your Face: The Culture of Beauty and You By Shari Graydon, Karen Klassen (Illustrator), Katy Lemay (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Shari Graydon, Karen Klassen (Illustrator), Katy Lemay (Illustrator)
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A lively, thought-provoking look at the power and pitfalls of the beauty industry hype. From fairy tales and Hollywood movies to magazine ads, reality TV and the Internet, we absorb the lesson early: being beautiful is the answer to our dreams. It's harder than ever for teens to tune out the endless media messages promoting unattainable ideals, yet at no time in history have they had more tools to change the message. With In Your Face, Shari Graydon encourages readers to think critically about the culture of beauty both past and present. Whether it's the different standards for guys versus girls, racial and size biases, the assumptions we have about models and celebrities, or the message that the "right" clothes, makeup, or surgical procedure can make you a better person, Graydon's unbiased look into the realities behind our ideals will help teens deconstruct the beauty industry hype. Fully rewritten and redesigned from the 2004 edition, In Your Face has been updated to reflect the heightened pressures of beauty in the digital era--both good and bad--to shape our self-image. The appealing magazine-style format, stylish illustrations, and conversational tone will draw readers into this empowering exploration of the complex subject of beauty.

About the Author

Shari Graydon is an award-winning writer, educator, and activist who has authored the bestselling "Made You Look" and edited an essay collection for adults, "I Feel Great About My Hands." She lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Karen Klassen is an illustrator and painter who has worked with a variety of editorial and advertising clients. She lives in Calgary, Alberta. Katy Lemay is a collage artist whose work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines. She lives in Quebec.

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ISBN: 9781554516667
ISBN-10: 1554516668
Publisher: Annick Press
Publication Date: September 11th, 2014
Pages: 172
Language: English