The Unofficial Heroes of Olympus Companion: Gods, Monsters, Myths and What's in Store for Jason, Piper and Leo (Paperback)

The Unofficial Heroes of Olympus Companion: Gods, Monsters, Myths and What's in Store for Jason, Piper and Leo By Richard Marcus, Natalie Buczynsky, Jonathan Shelnutt Cover Image
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In the ancient world, the gods and their heroic half-blood children were legendary. Now in the modern world, they regain their glory in the pages of Rick Riordan’s captivating novels. Providing everything you’ll need to become a Hero of Olympus, the book looks back at the stories of Percy Jackson while exploring how Riordan hints at but keeps readers guessing what’s in a store for Jason, Piper and Leo.

In this handy companion, the Olympic gods are fully detailed, from origin and family relationships to famous tales and an expressive illustration, including:

Zeus • Hera • Poseidon • Athena • Apollo • Aphrodite

The vast array of other gods and fantastical creatures are also cataloged:

Atlas who literally carries the weight of the world on his shoulders
Kronos a Titan who swallows his newborn children
Persephone a kidnapped goddess who becomes queen of the Underworld
Minotaur a half-bull, half-man imprisoned in a labyrinth
Hydra a poisonous serpent who grows two heads when one is severed
Sirens deadly nymphs whose irresistibly beautiful singing lures sailors to their doom

IMPORTANT NOTE TO READERS: This book is an independent and unauthorized fan publication.

About the Author

Richard Marcus has previously written two books for Ulysses Press, What Will Happen In Eragon lV? and The Unofficial Heroes of Olympus Companion (being reissued). He has been a freelance arts critic since 2005 with his work appearing every where from the German edition of Rolling Stone to the Bangladesh Star newspaper. He currently edits the books section of the pop culture web magazine and is a monthly contributor to the web magazine published by German World Radio Service, Deutsche Welle.

Natalie Buczynsky is a history enthusiast currently living in the United States. She began her involvement with Ulysses Press in 2011 when they approached her about writing a guide to Grecco-Roman mythology. Since publication, Natalie has earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and a masters degree in neuroscience and had the privilege of expanding her worldview through travel to Tanzania, Ukraine, Scotland, Italy, and many more fascinating corners of the world. A student of people and places, Natalie has enjoyed writing about topics from ancient mythology to pioneering science of the 21st century and everything in between but the Greeks and Romans (and their food!) will always hold a special place in her world.

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ISBN: 9781569759868
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Publication Date: October 18th, 2011
Pages: 220
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