Codex Sinaiticus: The Discovery of the World's Oldest Bible (Hardcover)

Codex Sinaiticus: The Discovery of the World's Oldest Bible By Constantine Tischendorf, Trustees British Museum Cover Image
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The author, Constantine Tischendorf, was one of the world's leading biblical scholars of his time. He spent much of his life searching for ancient biblical manuscripts, with his primary goal being to provide the world with the earliest scriptures in existence. Starting in 1844 Tischedorf's greatest discovery was made. While visiting St. Catherine's monastery in the Sinai, he found what would later be confirmed as the oldest complete New Testament bible ever found. Most of the Old Testament was included as well. This book is his entire first-hand account of this amazing discovery, followed by his assessment of its historical importance. It took him three trips, altogether, to convince those in the monastery to trust him and allow this bible to be shared with the world. Most of it was brought to Russia, but it was later sold to the British Museum in 1933 after they bought it from the Russian government for 100,000 British pounds. The Mount Sinai Manuscript of the Bible, also included here in this Book Tree published edition, was written shortly after the arrival of the manuscript in England. It outlines the known history of this bible and its importance to the world. Today, after years of study by scholars, this codex has revealed what the original scriptures may have looked like and what portions could have been later added.

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