Obama and America's Public Sector Plague (Encounter Broadsides #15) (Paperback)

Obama and America's Public Sector Plague (Encounter Broadsides #15) By Edmund J. McMahon Cover Image
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Public-sector employees enjoy much more generous pay and benefit packages than private-sector workers, including guaranteed pensions and retiree health benefits whose long-term costs threaten to break the backs of state and local taxpayers.

In this provocative Broadside, E.J. McMahon explains how the policies of the Obama administration have shielded most state and local government employees from the worst effects of the Great Recession. President Obama's stimulus bill helped most states and local governments continue raising average employee pay even at the depths of the downturn. In the name of promoting "economic recovery," the president wants to spend tens of billions more to prop up government payrolls and preserve cushy employee benefits. Meanwhile, public-sector labor unions are exploiting their influence in Washington in an bid to expand and strengthen their power throughout the country. The president's push for more federal spending to preserve the status quo in state and local government is a wasted opportunity to promote much-needed structural reform.

About the Author

E.J. McMahon is senior fellow for tax and budgetary studies at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. He also is director of the Institute's Empire Center for New York State Policy. A former journalist, McMahon has worked in both the public and private sectors. His professional background includes 25 years as a senior policy maker and analyst of state government.

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ISBN: 9781594035371
ISBN-10: 1594035377
Publisher: Encounter Books
Publication Date: September 14th, 2010
Pages: 48
Language: English
Series: Encounter Broadsides