An Atlas of Extinct Countries (Hardcover)

An Atlas of Extinct Countries By Gideon Defoe Cover Image
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Prisoners of Geography meets Bill Bryson: a funny, fascinating, beautifully illustrated--and timely--history of countries that, for myriad and often ludicrous reasons, no longer exist.

"Countries are just daft stories we tell each other. They're all equally implausible once you get up close."

Countries die. Sometimes it's murder, sometimes it's by accident, and sometimes it's because they were so ludicrous they didn't deserve to exist in the first place. Occasionally they explode violently. A few slip away almost unnoticed. Often the cause of death is either "got too greedy" or "Napoleon turned up." Now and then they just hold a referendum and vote themselves out of existence.

This is an atlas of 48 nations that fell off the map. The polite way of writing an obituary is: dwell on the good bits, gloss over the embarrassing stuff. This book refuses to do so, because these dead nations are so full of schemers, racists, and con men that it's impossible to skip the embarrassing stuff.

Because of this - and because treating nation-states with too much reverence is the entire problem with pretty much everything - these accounts are not concerned with adding to the earnest flag saluting in the world, however nice some of the flags might be.

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ISBN: 9781609456801
ISBN-10: 1609456807
Publisher: Europa Compass
Publication Date: June 8th, 2021
Pages: 304
Language: English