How the Crane Got Its Crown: A Ugandan Folk Tale (Paperback)

How the Crane Got Its Crown: A Ugandan Folk Tale By Nakiingi Olivia Infield Cover Image
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A long time ago on the African Plains, when the earth was flat and the sun never set, a terrible drought threatened the lives of the animals that lived there. Lion, king of the animals, is a wise leader and calls all the animals to an emergency meeting to see what can be done. First he sends cheetah, the fastest of the animals, and then elephant, the largest of the animals, to find water. But both fail. Finally, lion calls on crane. Crane devises a plan, and along with all the other Ugandan cranes, they fly into the sky to peck at the rain-filled clouds high above the mountains. Water flows from the clouds and into the lake below. Crane is awarded a crown for saving all the animals. Today, the crowned crane is Uganda's national emblem and can be seen in the center of the Ugandan flag. And that is How the Crane Got Its Crown. Olivia Nakiingi Infield wrote this book when she was twelve. Now a high school student, she lives in Kampala, Uganda. "The characters in my book are based on my trips to various National Parks in Uganda." She hopes her lovingly illustrated story will encourage people of all ages to appreciate the animals of the plains. Publisher's website: http: //

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ISBN: 9781612044750
ISBN-10: 1612044751
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: June 12th, 2012
Pages: 32
Language: English