It's... Just Private (Paperback)

It's... Just Private By Shelby Debause, Ashley Wroton Cover Image
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For ages 3-9 Vibrantly colorful illustrations with interesting details keep children engaged as they are being read to or are learning to read for themselves about the story of Jayla and Justin. Both of the main characters enjoy playing hide-and-seek on the playground at school. One day they discover their friends playing a game that they have never heard of before. As many children during the early developmental years innocently and playfully seek to explore the similarities and differences between their bodies and the bodies of others, Jayla and Justin's friends are naively playing a game of pulling their pants down. When the teacher learns of this game, she explains to everyone about private parts. She is sure to explain that these body parts are not bad, just...private. Jayla and Justin both tell their parents, who talk to them about safe and polite boundaries with private body parts. Slight humor is used to encourage open, positive, and playful communication between children and caregivers about this often awkward topic. This book comes from a developmentally appropriate curiosity perspective rather than introducing the concepts of reproduction or molestation.

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ISBN: 9781612253398
ISBN-10: 1612253393
Publisher: Mirror Publishing
Publication Date: April 7th, 2016
Pages: 28
Language: English