To Die Well: A Catholic Neurosurgeon's Guide to the End of Life (Paperback)

To Die Well: A Catholic Neurosurgeon's Guide to the End of Life By Stephen Doran Cover Image
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Dr. Stephen Doran draws from his vast experience as a neurosurgeon, a bioethicist, and a permanent deacon to present the Catholic perspective on the art of dying well. The spiritual and moral issues related to death and the process of dying can be challenging and complicated. To Die Well provides a detailed yet readily understandable guide to these topics.

Each chapter begins with a story from Dr. Doran's personal or professional life that not only provides context for the topic at hand but also gently draws the reader toward the personal realities of dying. The first part focuses on the moral issues that surround death and dying, including end-of-life medical decisions. The second part is devoted to the Catholic spiritual understanding of dying and the rites that accompany the death of a Catholic.

To Die Well will help readers contemplate, pray about, and prepare for the end of their earthly lives.

About the Author

Stephen Doran, M.D., a board-certified neurosurgeon with over twenty-five years of experience, is an ordained permanent deacon and serves as the bioethicist for the Archdiocese of Omaha. His writings in bioethics, neurosurgery, and gene therapy for brain disorders have been widely published in national media outlets, academic journals, and neurosurgery textbooks. He is married with five sons. Along with his wife, Sharon, he is the cofounder of Seeking Truth Catholic Bible Study.

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ISBN: 9781621645108
ISBN-10: 162164510X
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Publication Date: October 10th, 2023
Pages: 219
Language: English