Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep at Night? (Hardcover)

Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep at Night? By Steven J. Simmons, Clifford R. Simmons, Ruth E. Harper (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Ocean animals sleep, just like you! This informative, rhyming picture book dives deep to look at where and how ocean animals sleep in the sea.

Many ocean animals are active during the day, but where and how do they sleep at night? From sharks to dolphins and sea turtles to octopuses, plus parrotfish and whales and more, discover what these ocean creatures do when it’s time to go to sleep and the day is through.

Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep at Night? is newest addition to a three-book series, which includes Where Do Creatures Sleep at Night? and Where Do Big Creatures Sleep at Night?

"Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep at Night showcases wondrous watercolor illustrations that capture the allure of the sea. The rhyming rhythm dances through captivating animal facts about water-dwelling creatures before concluding in a cozy child's bedroom. Crafted to be a favorite bedtime read, this book is a must-have for the bookshelves of ocean lovers.”
Bethany Stahl, Bestselling Author of Save the Ocean

“All mammals and most other animals need sleep, including those living in marine environments. This picture book’s palette of soft colors and informative rhyme will introduce children to various facts about specific ocean animals and how they rest. Perfect for a bedtime read-aloud, this book will help young listeners and readers cuddle up together in their nice dry bed and sleep as tight as otters.”
Sara T. Behrman, former librarian and author, The Sea Hides A Seahorse

“A delightful bedtime book! This jaunt into the ocean to learn about how our marine friends sleep will easily become part of your family bedtime routine. The charming illustrations are sure to captivate the imagination of children and inspire a love for the wonders of the sea, while sending them on a happy trip to dreamland.” 
– Anne Richardson, Author of Octopuses Have Zero Bones and Chief Experience Officer at The Exploratorium

"Scientific, sweet, and salty!"
- Karen Romano Young, Deep Sea Diver and Award-winning Author of Whale Quest

 "This book is an absolute delight- the Dr. Seuss Sleep Book reimagined for the ocean. A beautiful way to unwind while learning a little more about our mysterious watery world. Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep at Night? will surely inspire a future marine biologist or two!"
- Paige Hoel, Ph.D. candidate, Oceanography, UCLA Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

"A gorgeously illustrated children’s book that will inspire the next generation of marine biologists, conservationists, and animal lovers. The accurate animal facts were a breath of fresh air to find in this genre and will make learning fun for children and adults alike!”
- Kristyn Plancarte,  Marine Biologist and animal trainer

“Dive into an underwater world of wonder and imagination. This delightful read features stunning artwork that brings the ocean to life for bedtime. From playful dolphins to sleepy sea turtles, families will climb aboard an informative journey through the sea."
- Kendra Nelson, Marine Conservationist

About the Author

  • Steven J. Simmons has been a professor of law and government, a White House aide on domestic policy, and a leader in the cable industry. Steven is the author of Where Do Creatures Sleep at Night?, and the best-selling Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches, and coauthor of Where Do Big Creatures Sleep at Night?
  • Clifford R. Simmons's lifelong passion for writing and love for his nieces and nephews fuels his enthusiasm for children's books and coauthorship with his father, Steven. Cliff formerly worked at Google and now runs his own business. He is the coauthor of Where Do Big Creatures Sleep at Night?

Ruth Harper is a self-taught artist from England. She loves to echo nature in her work. She lives in Iowa with an adorable husband--they have six grown-up kids between them (plus handfuls of grandbabies!). She is the illustrator of the NYT bestseller The Kissing Hand (with Nancy M. Leak), Happy Mamas, Where Do Creatures Sleep at Night?, and Where Do Big Creatures Sleep at Night? www.rutheharper.com

Praise For…

Everyone needs to sleep! Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep at Night is a wonderful book for young children that will teach them about some of the most popular underwater creatures and their sleeping habits. The first thing I noticed about this book was the beautiful, calming colors presented on the front cover of the book which shows some of the animals featured in the book. These watercolor-style illustrations continue throughout the book and children will enjoy feeling as if they are on the beach or underwater observing the creatures.

The book is written in four-line prose with the first two lines rhyming and the second two lines rhyming. The author gives some really fun facts about each of the animals featured. These facts include the color-changing properties of an octopus, that the seahorse holds onto a plant or coral while it sleeps so it doesn't drift away, how only one side of a dolphin's brain is asleep when it is sleeping, and so many more interesting facts.

Parents will be able to have discussions about the animals with their children, asking them which ones they like the most or find the most intriguing. I feel that many fun conversations could come up when talking about underwater animals sleeping and although the book is not very long, it will spark interest in young minds. A child may find that he or she wants to learn more about the animals featured in the book.

While Authors Steven J. Simmons and Clifford R. Simmon do an exemplary job of creating a rhyming underwater adventure for young ones, my favorite part of the book was the illustrations that accompanied the poems. As I read each page and took in the scenery and the animals featured, I felt the calmness of the sea and a whole ecosystem that we, as humans, don't see on a day-to-day basis. Under the sea, we can observe how animals interact with one another such as the anemone and clownfish. Before reading this book, I had no idea that clownfish live and sleep in anemones which are poisonous to other fish. I also found it interesting that a walrus can go days without rest and can sleep on land or in water.

Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep at Night is the perfect bedtime story for young children as sometimes just thinking about sleep can make us yawn and be ready for a sweet goodnight. I recommend this book for children ages three to eight, however, I think older children would also enjoy reading this book to younger siblings.

Manhattan Book Review

An answer to the titular question—and then some.
“When it is time for these animals to rest / where do they go to sleep their best?” The authors offer very brief bits of information on various sea creatures, among them stingrays, walruses, clownfish, bottlenose dolphins, sea otters, and great white sharks. In addition to sleeping habits, we also learn other facts, such as what seahorses eat and how the parrotfish got its name. The book opens with images of racially diverse children playing at the beach; it closes with a child cuddled up in bed. A brief authors’ note stresses the importance of sleep for children. Contradicting the title, not all creatures here are diurnal. The statement that “the octopus can sleep by day or night” is misleading, given that most species are nocturnal. Many fascinating facts are overlooked; we learn that sea turtles have hard shells and live to be 80 years old and that they rest under rocks or coral but not that they hold their breath for hours while sleeping. Though watercolor illustrations in various shades of blue offer sweetly expressive depictions of the animals, the verse format adds little to the text; uncertain meter foreshadows weak rhythm and rhyme.
Visually attractive but doesn’t dive very deep.
Kirkus Reviews

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