Lia y Luís: ¡Desconcertados! / Lia & Luís: Puzzled! (Storytelling Math) (Hardcover)

Lia y Luís: ¡Desconcertados! / Lia & Luís: Puzzled! (Storytelling Math) By Ana Crespo, Giovana Medeiros (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Ana Crespo, Giovana Medeiros (Illustrator)
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¡Celebra la diversidad, las matemáticas y el poder de contar historias con esta edición bilingüe (español e inglés)!

Celebrate diversity, math, and the power of storytelling with this bilingual (Spanish and English) edition!

Los mellizos Lia y Luís han recibido de su abuela un rompecabezas con un código secreto. ¿Podrán armarlo para leer el mensaje oculto? Una divertida exploración de la geometría y la clasificación con personajes brasileño-estadounidenses y un glosario de palabras de portugués brasileño.

Los libros de la serie Cuentos matemáticos celebran que los niños usen las matemáticas en sus aventuras diarias mientras juegan, construyen y descubren el mundo que los rodea. Historias divertidas y actividades prácticas facilitan que los niños y los adultos exploren juntos las matemáticas de la vida diaria. Han sido desarrolladas en colaboración con expertos en matemáticas para las áreas de ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería y matemáticas de la organización sin fines de lucro TERC, con una beca de la Heising-Simons Foundation.

Twins Lia and Luís have received a secret puzzle from their grandma! Can they put it together to read the hidden message? A playful exploration of geometry and sorting featuring Brazilian American characters and a glossary of Brazilian Portuguese words.

Storytelling Math celebrates children using math in their daily adventures as they play, build, and discover the world around them. Joyful stories and hands-on activities make it easy for kids and their grown-ups to explore everyday math together. Developed in collaboration with math experts at STEM education nonprofit TERC, under a grant from the Heising-Simons Foundation.

About the Author

Ana Crespo nació en Brasil y se mudó a Estados Unidos para obtener su maestría en educación. Aquí se enamoró de los cuentos para niños cuando empezó a leérselos a su hija, pero quería ver libros de autores brasileños, ¡con personajes brasileños! Cuando nació su hijo, comenzó a escribir sus propios cuentos. Ana es autora de Lia y Luís: ¿Quién tiene más?, galardonado con el Mathical Award; El ladrón de calcetín: una historia de fútbol, galardonado con el Premio Internacional del Libro Latino, y la serie My Emotions & Me.

Originally from Brazil, Ana Crespo moved to the United States to pursue a master of education. She fell in love with children's books when she began reading them to her daughter. But she wanted to see books by Brazilian authors featuring Brazilian characters! After her son was born, she decided to write her own stories. Ana is the author of Mathical Award winner Lia & Luís: Who Has More?, International Latino Book Award winner The Sock Thief: A Soccer Story, and the My Emotions & Me series.

Giovana Medeiros nació en Brasil. Actualmente vive en Lisboa, Portugal, donde trabaja como ilustradora independiente. Ilustró Lía y Luís: ¿Quién tiene más?, Running on Sunshine y varios libros infantiles de editoriales de todo el mundo.

Originally from Brazil, Giovana Medeiros is now a freelance illustrator based in Lisbon, Portugal. She is the illustrator of Lia & Luís: Who Has More?, Running on Sunshine, and several other children's books from publishers around the world.

Praise For…

In their second outing from the “Storytelling Math” series, siblings Lia and Luís are surprised by a package from their grandmother. It’s a puzzle the Brazilian American kids have to piece together to figure out what message Vovó has sent them. The puzzle pieces are clues, and the kids use their sorting and spatial skills to solve the mystery. All the while, their mom is trying to get them ready and out the door to run an errand. As they finally place the last piece, Luís and Lia figure out what their abuela wanted to share and where their mother is rushing them to. The preschoolers have tan skin with wavy hair, and their mom and grandmother have deeply brown skin with more textured hair, showing the diversity of the Brazilian people. The bright colors, cartoony illustrations, and fun conundrum will draw kids in. This bilingual volume is primarily in English and Spanish, though Brazil-specific phrases are scattered throughout, which might confuse readers. A glossary is included in the back matter along with an author’s note and extension activities to continue the mathematics fun.

VERDICT This charming, bilingual addition to the series will have young learners (who are not yet prejudiced against the subject) and their adults enjoying math.

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ISBN: 9781623544003
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Publisher: Charlesbridge
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 32
Series: Storytelling Math