Fight Ready: Achieving Peak Performance in Combat Sports (Hardcover)

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A must-read for combat sport athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts who want a competitive edge.

When former mixed martial artist and highly regarded strength and conditioning coach Phil Daru realizedthat the world lacked a solid road map for the intricacies of training for a fight in the ring, in the cage, or onthe mats, he set out to fill that void. In Fight Ready, Phil unlocks the secrets to achieving peakperformance in combat sports. This book does a deep dive into the crucial components oftraining—developing strength and power as well as speed and agility. It breaks down complex conceptsinto easily understandable terms, providing step-by-step guidance on creating effective training programstailored to each individual’s specific needs and goals.

Phil draws from science-backed research and his experience working with top-level fighters in disciplinessuch as MMA, boxing, and grappling to share insights and techniques previously unseen by anyone otherthan his coaching staff. In Fight Ready, you’ll get

• The keys to functional movement, injury prevention, and optimal recovery
• An understanding of the physiological and biomechanical aspects of combat sports and how to apply them to your training regimen for maximum results
• The secrets to mental and psychological strength and techniques for developing mental toughness, focus, and a winning mindset
• A holistic approach to optimizing your athletic abilities

Whether you compete professionally or simply enjoy the physical and mental benefits of combat sports,this book will guide you toward unlocking your true potential and conquering any obstacles in your way.

About the Author

Phil Daru is a highly regarded strength and conditioning coach in the world of combat sports. Over nearlytwo decades, he has worked with some of the top athletes in mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, and othercombat disciplines. His expertise lies in helping fighters maximize their physical capabilities, perform attheir best, and minimize the risk of injury. He has competed in various disciplines, including MMA andgrappling. This firsthand experience as a competitor gives him a unique perspective and a deepunderstanding of the physical demands placed on fighters. Daru has played critical roles in training andpreparing numerous champions and top contenders, including renowned fighters such as JoannaJedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, and Andrei Arlovski. His expertise in strength training, conditioning, andphysical preparation have won him multiple Trainer of the Year awards and earned him global recognitionas a leader in the field.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781628605136
ISBN-10: 1628605138
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Publication Date: January 7th, 2025
Pages: 432
Language: English