History of Canada: A Captivating Guide to Canadian History (Hardcover)

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What do you know about the history of Canada?

You might think you know a lot about Canada-especially if you happen to live in North America. But in truth, it's surprising how little most of us know about Canadian history. Even though Canada is just across the border from the United States, Canada tends to get unfairly overshadowed. Nevertheless, Canada's history is a vibrant one.

Recorded Canadian history begins with European contact in the 1500s, but there are plenty of rich legends and folklore passed down by Native North Americans that fill in the gaps. This book follows the threads of the many civilizations that made up Canada and their ultimate merging together to forge the rich tapestry that makes up Canada today.

The history of Canada is more than first meets the eye, so keep reading to learn more

In this groundbreaking treatise on Canadian history, you will discover:

  • The origins of the First Nations, the artifacts they left behind, and how they are faring today
  • The early French and English settlements and how they interacted with the First Nations
  • Canada's participation in the world wars and the bravery of its soldiers on the battlefield
  • Canada's role during the Cold War and how it acted as one of the first defenses against nuclear threats to North America
  • Canadian independence and how the French speakers in Quebec sought their own independence as well
  • And so much more

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