10 Skills for Effective Business Communication: Practical Strategies from the World's Greatest Leaders (Paperback)

10 Skills for Effective Business Communication: Practical Strategies from the World's Greatest Leaders By Jessica Higgins, JD, MBA, BB, Ben Way (Foreword by) Cover Image
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Succeed in business with practical career strategies and communication skills from the world's greatest leaders in 10 Skills for Effective Business Communication.

Effective business communication is a skill that anyone can develop. From interview strategies to high-stakes negotiation tactics, 10 Skills for Effective Business Communication offers practical strategies to improve communication skills and help you succeed in your career.

Equal parts research and actionable advice, this book applies effective strategies from the world's most successful professionals to common workplace scenarios. With step-by-step guidance and simple exercises, you'll learn why, how, and when to use fundamental communication skills to successfully navigate any situation.

Learn how to listen from a Microsoft CEO, or gain the confidence to network your way into any room with advice from a renowned venture capitalist—10 Skills for Effective Business Communication teaches you these skills and more, with:
  • 10 essential communication skills that empower you to masterfully handle pivotal moments in your career
  • Actionable exercises to practice and improve your communication skills right away
  • Clear explanations of the social psychology behind communication skills
  • Inspirational success stories that highlight communication skills from some of the world's greatest business leaders including Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, and more

Advance your career and set yourself up for success with effective communications skills from 10 Skills for Effective Business Communication.

About the Author

JESSICA HIGGINS, JD, MBA, BB, is a researcher, consultant, and marketing communications professional. Her personal accounts from this book came from her work as the chief operating officer of a consulting firm. Jessica now owns Digital Unicorns, an agency that helps individuals and companies communicate more effectively to market themselves and their businesses. Visit Digital-Unicorns.com for more information.

BEN WAY is a leading futurologist, technologist, inventor, and entrepreneur. With over twenty years of experience in technology and innovation, Ben has traveled the world seeking out and developing new technologies. As a leading voice on the challenges and benefits of tomorrow's technology, he has advised some of the world's leading institutions, including the White House, regarding technological preparations for the future. He is the recipient of the millennium entrepreneur of the year award and has appeared on numerous technology and philanthropy television programs, as well as presenting Bright Young Wonders on Robotics.

Praise For…

“This is one of the essential books every business leader should read to improve their working relationships and advance their career.”— Jeremiah Owyang, Founder of Catalyst Companies and Founding Partner at Kaleido Insights

"Jessica Higgins is a powerful communicator. She knows the art and science of getting people to act, change, and follower because they want to, not because they feel compelled to. Read this book and become a master communicator yourself."—Benjamin Hardy, Best-Selling Author of Willpower Doesn't Work

"Effective communication is the number one skill you can have in business. Whether you are a CEO, a founder, or working your way to the top, this book will help you get your message across with the people that matter."—Ben Way, Entrepreneur and Foreword Writer of 10 Skills for Effective Business Communication

"Not just a book, but a companion for life for those driven by success. 10 Skills for Effective Business Communication should be mandatory reading for all who wish to ascend the stage of commerce and communicate their ideas clearly and successfully."—Shaun Gold, Amazon best-selling author of Better Be U: Entrepreneur Crash Course

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ISBN: 9781641520980
ISBN-10: 1641520981
Publisher: Tycho Press
Publication Date: August 21st, 2018
Pages: 132
Language: English