The Phone Book: Stay Safe, Be Smart, and Make the World Better with the Powerful Device in Your Hand (Paperback)

The Phone Book: Stay Safe, Be Smart, and Make the World Better with the Powerful Device in Your Hand By Jessica Speer, Lesley Imgart (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Jessica Speer, Lesley Imgart (Illustrator)
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MPIBA's Reading the West Book Awards Young Readers Longlist
2023 Foreword INDIES Finalist

So . . . you got a phone! You can text your friends, play games, and take cool pictures! You have the whole world in your pocket—power to be used as a force for good or, um, not so good.

Fraught with cyberbullying, disinformation, fake stuff, tech addiction, and so much more, the digital world can be downright sad, awkward, and nasty. But have no fear, kids—The Phone Book is here! Packed with research-based explanations, techy tidbits, and real stories from hundreds of teens and preteens, this phone book (the fun kind) will be your guide on the path of light, teaching you healthy phone habits and ways to stay safe online. And while you’re on your journey, super illustrations, activities, and secret codes will reveal the power of your phone and the superpowers you have to wield it. Go forth, be informed, and slay the dark side of technology!

About the Author

Jessica Speer is the award-winning author of BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends)? A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships and Middle School – Safety Goggles Advised. Her interactive books for preteens and teens entertain readers while exploring important topics. Blending humor, a dash of science, stories, and insights, her writing unpacks challenges that surface during adolescence. She has a master’s degree in social sciences and explores topics in ways that connect with kids. Jessica is regularly featured in and contributes to media outlets on topics related to kids, teens, parenting, and social-emotional development. For more information, visit

Lesley Imgart is a German illustrator living in Edinburgh, Scotland. She came to the UK for her BA and returned for an MA (and the salt and vinegar crisps). She is interested in autobiographical comics and telling other people’s stories.


Praise For…

"Finally, a book for kids about the safe and responsible use of their first phone! A remarkably entertaining and informative read by Jessica Speer, “The Phone Book” will be hard for both kids (and adults!) to put down. It’s peppered with interesting tech tidbits and activities that keep readers engaged, and every chapter neatly wraps up with a useful checklist. From cover to cover, it is packed with great information written in a language that does not speak down to kids, and I love that she tackles the most important topic first—“Why Tech Companies Want You Staring at Your Phone.” This chapter alone is worth the price of the book. The Phone Book really should be required reading for any child about to get a connected device. I have a feeling they will even thank you for it."—Diana Graber, Author of Raising Humans in a Digital World and Founder of Cyber Civics and Cyberwise

Jessica has done it again! "The Phone Book" is a unique, engaging, easy read for tweens and teens! I loved the 'reality check' sections, the trivia, the True or False sections, and the guided questions for kids. This book is fun to read and has so much real information for kids (and parents). I especially loved the message that your phone can be a source of "good" in the's how you use it! I will be recommending this to parents who attend my Tech Reset Masterclass as they navigate screen time limits and agreements with their tweens and teens. —Therese Connolly, Parent Coach/Psychotherapist, Host of The Parenting Reset Show Podcast and Tech Reset Masterclass for Parents of Tweens and Teens

Tech is something we TEACH to our children, rather than just hand over to them. This guide is a wonderful companion for teaching digital citizenship skills to adolescents, helping them discover the difference between mindful and mindless screen time. From texting tips to healthy tech checklists, this is a wonderful resource for kids and digital literacy teachers alike. Just as we teach our kids how to be kind, safe, and discerning in the real world, let’s offer them that same wisdom about their 2D experience.—Jennifer Bochsler + Kay De Veer, Founders of Tech-Wise Littles, helping parents of littles ages 0-6 start screens safely and smartly

Jessica Speer's interactive books explore topics that matter to preteens and teens. Combining fun activities, humor, and stories, Speer's writing style combined with her understanding of kids makes her books relatable, entertaining, and best of all, helpful during the ups and downs of adolescence.—Dr. Cherylee E. Hirsch, Psy.D., School Psychologist

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