Choose Freedom!: Embrace it. Understand it. Defend it. (Hardcover)

Choose Freedom!: Embrace it. Understand it. Defend it. By Bruce Eberle Cover Image
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Written expressly for high school and college students, Choose Freedom! is an antidote to the woke indoctrination that is pervasive in America’s education system—from grade school to grad school.

This “rescue book” is the ideal book for parents and grandparents to give to their children. It not only explains why there is a bright line from the thinking of America’s Founders to today’s conservative movement, but also exposes the rotten, anti-freedom lineage of today’s progressive/liberal movement.

Choose Freedom! reminds readers of the challenges facing the nation, the weaknesses of the left, and warns of the panic and fear of those on the left who correctly surmise that their message only succeeds when the American people hear only their side of the story.

It is also a book of optimism. Choose Freedom! encourages young men and women to engage in the conservative movement, to grow in understanding of its history and its values, and to press forward. Choose Freedom! tells young Americans how to persuade others to join the conservative cause, how to spread the message of conservatism on their college campus, and why they should be optimistic that the current threat from the left will be repelled in this generation.

Using understandable language, author Bruce Eberle explains the core reason that conservatives and America’s Founders stand in total opposition to every conclusion of the progressive movement, from its founding in the 1890s until today.

With more than 400 endnotes, and endorsements from a broad number of national conservative leaders, Choose Freedom! provides a reliable guidebook for young conservatives, as well as a refresher for all conservatives.

About the Author

Since he first became a member of Young Americans for Freedom, Bruce Eberle has been passionate about expanding and growing the ranks of the conservative movement. 
Bruce was first chapter and then state chairman of Missouri Young Americans for Freedom. He continued his involvement in Texas where he moved following college, serving on the state board of Texas YAF, and a member of the national Board of Directors of Young Americans for Freedom. He is a graduate of what is today Missouri S&T and an army veteran.
Following his time in the military, he moved to Virginia and eventually founded the Eberle Communications Group, an organization that has raised more than one and a half billion dollars for conservative candidates, PACs, organizations and other worthy causes. 
Today, he serves on the Board of Governors of the Ronald Reagan Ranch, as a Trustee of Youth for Tomorrow New Life Foundation (a home for at-risk boys and girls), a Regent at Wisconsin Lutheran College, and is a founding Director of Time of Grace Ministry.
Along with his wife Kathi, Bruce has two children and four grandchildren.

Praise For…

"Bruce Eberle has written a powerful and clear defense of freedom. It is the perfect guide to putting freedom on the offense--where it belongs! Highly recommended."—Peter Schweizer, Best Selling Author, President, Government Accountability Institute

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