The Mediterranean Cookbook: A Regional Celebration of Seasonal, Healthy Eating (Hardcover)

The Mediterranean Cookbook: A Regional Celebration of Seasonal, Healthy Eating By Cider Mill Press Cover Image
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The Mediterranean Cookbook features over 100 regional recipes that celebrate seasonal, healthy eating!

This book celebrates seasonal healthy eating with over 100 regional recipes. From Spain to Turkey, the cuisines that ring the Mediterranean are built around vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and eating meat and dairy in moderation.

Inside this cookbook, you will find:

- Over 50 simple recipes ready in 30 minutes or less
- More than 30 healthy soups and stews that comfort and nourish
- 35 light and flavorful meat dishes and refreshing seafood recipes
- Over 40 nutritious snacks and salads that are both healthy and satisfying

The recipes in this book are not a strict diet but a wholesome and balanced lifestyle choice that uses the best of seasonal, fresh food. Along with appealing images of the prepared recipes, atmospheric regional photographs will further demonstrate how varied this part of the world is in terms of food, culture, and landscapes. The Mediterranean Cookbook is a true omnivore’s delight!

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ISBN: 9781646430499
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Publication Date: April 6th, 2021
Pages: 256
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