My Walk, My Way (Paperback)

My Walk, My Way By Laura Hulleman, Angela Witczak Cover Image
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There is an epidemic plaguing women.

Its name is comparison.

Mom-Shaming - Body-Shaming - Anti-Aging Obsession

"I can't believe he is with her "

"Why did she stay with him so long?"

"Why can't I be more like her?"

This book takes you on a journey of eleven women who discovered that their life was waiting for them as soon as they did things their own way. After following the advice of the experts and gurus for much of their life, they still felt like failures. Each one finally decided to stop being perfect and forge their own path

If you are exhausted from doing things the "right way" and comparing yourself to others, we invite you to take a journey with these courageous women who decided that enough was enough. In these personal stories, you will hear how each has achieved amazing things by facing challenges one step at a time.

Walk alongside women who have:

  • Discovered how to build a business that is designed for them
  • Left abusive relationships with power and love
  • Found significance and purpose through tragedy and heartache
  • Used their voice to change their lives, families, and careers

It's time for you to stand in your unique greatness. Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, use this book to discover your beautiful design and build your life around that design.

Are you ready to stop doing life everyone else's way, and make life your own adventure?

This book introduces you to the most comprehensive and advanced personality assessment available, the Endotype Formula, through the stories of these women. By taking the Endotype Formula quiz, you can discover which of these authors you are most like. Through the quiz and these vulnerable stories, you will understand yourself at a deeper level and receive the permission to stop being like others. The world needs more of you being YOU.

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ISBN: 9781647469443
ISBN-10: 1647469449
Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2022
Pages: 174
Language: English