The Politics of God (Hardcover)

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The Politics of God is the work which the historian Hugh Schonfield considered to be the culmination of his work and thinking. In the extensively well argued book, he builds upon his best-selling books, The Passover Plot and Those Incredible Christians as well as the decades of research into Messianic beginnings and great thinkers bringing them together to an argument for a new approach to mankind's problems based on meekness rather than power. Published at a time when the world felt very threatened by a nuclear disaster, and building on the foundation of a servant-nation set apart to mediate for humanity, he argues for a constructive attempt to give this concrete expression in a Commonwealth of World Citizens.

He was instrumental in the foundation of what became known as the Mondcivitan Republic which gained some headway in its day, yet has in the meantime faded into insignificance.

Perhaps the time has come to take up the call and reinterpret this revolutionary thinking for our age.

This is the book which represents the thinking which inspired John Lennon to express himself in his song 'Imagine'. Any reader listening to what it has to say cannot remain unchanged.

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ISBN: 9781649455833
ISBN-10: 1649455836
Publisher: Texianer Verlag for the Hugh & Helene Schonfi
Publication Date: June 5th, 2020
Pages: 244
Language: English