Winning Golf: The Mental Game (Compact Disc)

Winning Golf: The Mental Game By Saul L. Miller, Adam Barr (Read by) Cover Image
By Saul L. Miller, Adam Barr (Read by)
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In this book, Dr. Saul L. Miller, one of the world's leading sports psychologists, describes eight of the most common problems limiting golfing performance and, in the process, gives listeners powerful, practical techniques to overcome these challenges. With his guidance, you'll learn the performance mindset and emotional management to play with more impact, consistency, and pleasure. Do you want to discover what the pros do to prepare mentally and excel under pressure? Winning Golf's mental training program comes with input from over seventy of the world's top golfers. There's specific advice on how to improve your short game, develop an effective shot routine, tune out negative and anxious mental chatter, play calm and strong, master the "yips," and use performance-enhancing self-talk and imagery to strengthen confidence and develop a more competitive golf identity. You will also get insights from the Sub-60 Club--the elite set of PGA golfers who shot sub-60 rounds on regulation courses--and hear from several pro athletes from the NHL and NFL about how the mental training they did with Dr. Miller has transferred to and improved their golf game. Bottom line, Winning Golf will significantly improve your golf game, and the very same techniques will enhance the quality of your life.

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ISBN: 9781666617580
ISBN-10: 166661758X
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: November 17th, 2022
Language: English