In Defense of German Colonialism: And How Its Critics Empowered Nazis, Communists, and the Enemies of the West (Hardcover)

In Defense of German Colonialism: And How Its Critics Empowered Nazis, Communists, and the Enemies of the West By Bruce Gilley Cover Image
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Famed historian and author of the groundbreaking "The Case for Colonialism" demonstrates that, contary to modern presuppositions, German colonialism from its early roots to the mid-twentieth century was overall a force for good in the world where development was encouraged and native governance flourished.

Historian and university professor, Bruce Gilley, delves into the history of German colonialism from its earliest roots through the 20th century, demonstrating that contrary to modern presuppositions, it served as a global force for good—elevating the lives of its subjects and encouraging scientific development while allowing native cultures to flourish within its governance.

About the Author

Bruce Gilley is a professor of political science at Portland State University, a member of the board of the National Association of Scholars, and the author of four books. His 2017 article “The Case for Colonialism” drew international attention after he received death threats in response. A graduate of Princeton University and the University of Oxford, Gilley resides in Portland, Oregon.

Praise For…

“A very well-written, thorough, and scholarly analysis of the facts of the
German colonial record. This will come as a complete revelation to those of us who had assumed as a matter of course that German colonialism must have been brutal, authoritarian, and only interested in the exploitation of subject peoples. In fact, as this remarkable book documents in great detail, it was humane and enlightened, with the interests of the natives as its first priority, and distinguished in particular by the quality of its medical research and hospital care. The book also shines a brilliant light on the sheer mendacity of much of the anti-colonial movement so fashionable in the West, in which academia has played such a leading and shameful part.”

— CHRISTOPHER ROBERT HALLPIKE, professor emeritus of anthropology
at McMaster University, Ontario

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