Rocket® Yoga: Your Guide to Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa (Paperback)

Rocket® Yoga: Your Guide to Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa By David Kyle Cover Image
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Break free from the limitations of classical ashtanga yoga with the progressive and dynamic practice of Rocket® yoga. This modern style of yoga is rooted in traditional ashtanga but allows for more freedom of movement based on individual anatomy and fosters empowerment through creativity, endurance, and rhythm.

Rocket®Yoga: Your Guide to Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa presents the beauty and benefits of Rocket yoga—from its history and philosophy to the sequences and practices unique to its style. You’ll begin your journey with nine guided activities to prepare for your practice, covering aspects of yoga such as drishtis, bandhas, breathing techniques, and mudras. Then explore the asana library, packed with hundreds of stunning color photographs and detailed instructions for more than 90 poses, consisting of standing, seated, inversion, and rest postures. Nearly every pose includes modifications to adapt the movements to your body—making Rocket yoga ideal for your personal needs.

Next, move through the traditional ashtanga series before adding a new dimension to your practice with five Rocket yoga series. Each Rocket yoga series has guiding photo sequences and a targeted focus:
  • Rocket I: hip openers, forward bends, and core strengthening exercises
  • Rocket II: backbends, spinal twists, arm balances, and inversions
  • Rocket arms and Rocket legs: poses that build strength and endurance
  • Rocket III: expansion of Rocket I and Rocket II, with twists, forward folds, and balances added
Beyond the sequences, you’ll find additional activities and suggestions for customizing your practice, as well as teaching tips especially for yoga instructors. The benefits of practicing Rocket yoga are as diverse and numerous as the poses. The poses work on every part of the body, making Rocket yoga ideal for relieving stress; building strength, balance, and flexibility; and stimulating increased consciousness.

With Rocket Yoga, you’ll join the thousands of devoted practitioners who use this fast-paced and stimulating form of yoga to transform their experiences of life.

About the Author

David Kyle, RYT-500, CMT-1000, is the founder of Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga School and is the director of all progressive ashtanga teacher trainings and intensives. He was a dedicated student of Larry Schultz, private yoga instructor for the Grateful Dead and the creator of Rocket yoga. Kyle is the highest-trained student of Larry Schultz in both primary series modifications and the Rocket series, and he is the sole owner and operator of trainings and international relations in Rocket®.

With over 20 years of yoga experience and over 30 years in body movement and the healing arts, Kyle has offered advanced yoga trainings worldwide, including the United States, Canada, South America, Mexico, China, and Europe. Rooted in the traditional ashtanga method, he makes use of the fundamental strengths of the practice while allowing for students and teachers to find empowerment in their practice through creativity, endurance, and rhythm.

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Publication Date: February 27th, 2023
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