Rebel Canners Cookbook: Preserving Time Honored Methods (Hardcover)

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By Tammy McNeill, Sheri Savory (Cover Design by)
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This is NOT a "how to can" book rather a collection of recipes that can be canned. Rebel Canners is my passion and dedication to preserving the time-honored methods and recipes for preserving food that has been handed down through families for generations. We believe firmly in maintaining family and social traditions from around world. We value the family relationships that built through the handing down of these traditions to future generations to enjoy and pass on.

In this book, you will find methods and recipes from all over the world. Please note not all countries have the same suggested regulations or methods for preserving food. But do show respect people of other cultural backgrounds, many have been effectively using that different method for generations. It does not necessarily mean they are unsafe or wrong methods to use. They are just different methods than yours. Learn from each other and try to take away some little thing from each that you can use be it a recipe or a technique.

While we recognize there is a need for food safety regulations for industrial canning companies we also acknowledge in mass productions that food may be contaminated and there is a need for a method of mass recalls. However, in a "farm to table" there are many ways have been handed down through families for generations. These small-scale home canning methods do not need the same regulations and testing that large companies are required.

Since "farm to table" is focused on natural foods, without the use of chemical additives you can't pronounce, it uses the natural ingredients found in every kitchen. This practice leaves the requirement for some "food" standards irrelevant to this application. Again if you only want USDA tested recipes, this is not the book for you. Many methods contained in this book have their roots in other countries.

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