I See You...Wonderful You!: Your Disability is your ABILITY (Hardcover)

I See You...Wonderful You!: Your Disability is your ABILITY By Tanya Salmon Cover Image
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Drawing from her experiences as the parent of a beautiful, talented and intelligent child with Down Syndrome, author Tanya Salmon celebrates seeing the beauty behind the things that often separate children with Down Syndrome from their "typically developing" peers. As told from Ms. Salmon's point of view, "I See You...Wonderful You" was written to honour the range of abilities of children with Down Syndrome; particularly the ones she sees within her own daughter. From the outside, it may appear that a child with Down Syndrome "cannot do" many things, but this book aims to transform that thinking into a space where readers see the ability rather than the inability of the child. The words in the book speak to daily practices and interactions with family, peers and the community; highlighting strengths instead of deficits. This book will be a treasure for many - for any family member who is going through the unique journey of raising a child with Down Syndrome or any other special need, as well as for any reader who understands that children with special needs are not limited by their diagnoses. Instead, they are all capable of accomplishing many things; in their own way and in their own time.

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ISBN: 9781739000806
ISBN-10: 1739000803
Publisher: Writer's Craft
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2023
Pages: 22
Language: English