Witnesses at Isandlwana: 22 January 1879 (Hardcover)

Witnesses at Isandlwana: 22 January 1879 By Neil Thornton, Michael Denigan (Other) Cover Image
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In a comprehensive collection of firsthand testimonies, this book unveils the untold perspectives of British soldiers, colonial forces, civilians, and Zulu warriors to offer insight into the pivotal clash that reshaped history on January 22, 1879.

On 22 January 1879, British forces in Zululand suffered a shocking and unimaginable defeat at the hands of the Zulus resulting in over 1300 dead, including more than 800 regular British soldiers. But the Zulu victory came at a cost, and their losses were very heavy too. Yet, surprisingly, scattered in archives, museums, and private collections around the world, sits many first-hand accounts from those who were there. Inaccessible to most, these primary sources are vital to our understanding of the battle and how it unfolded, and they shed important light on the experiences of those who were there on that fateful day. British soldiers, those from the colonial forces, civilians, and those Zulu warriors who attacked the camp, all left detailed descriptions of the battle. By bringing these sources together, this book-the largest collection of primary accounts ever gathered on the battle - allows the reader to view all sources under one roof, providing a better understanding of the battle, how it played out, and what those involved witnessed on that monumental day in both British and Zulu history.

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ISBN: 9781781559055
ISBN-10: 1781559058
Publisher: Fonthill Media
Publication Date: March 31st, 2024
Pages: 528
Language: English