The Little Guide to Christian Dior: Style to Live by (Hardcover)

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Though his life was relatively short, Christian Ernest Dior's seismic influence on the fashion world ensures his name lives on as one of the most successful and celebrated designers of all time. Using the rationing restrictions of wartime, he created designs that extenuated the female figure and released the women of the world from the restrictive, dull clothing that restricted rather than enhanced femininity.

It was Dior's sudden prominence on the world stage that restored Paris' reputation as the epicentre of the fashion world. To wear a Dior item of clothing, was to wear the best of the best. His post-War collection was described as a completely 'new look' by the editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar, one of the world's most powerful style magazines. The description was adopted and quickly became a fashion movement, with Dior's 'New Look' leading the way and even stealing the limelight from compatriot Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel.

The Little Guide to Christian Dior shows how despite coming from a wealthy background with powerful allies, Christian Dior may not have had to scrap his way to the top as Coco Chanel did, but his talent is no less worthy and his legacy as one of the world's greatest designers is no less deserving.

'My dream? To make women happier and more beautiful.'
As seen on Living in Fifties Fashion, 'Salute Mr Dior'

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